Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hearty Laughter.

I returned my Silver Cab taxi to Premier Taxis to be scrapped on 23rd December last year. A few days later, I had to borrow my son's vehicle to deliver some Kangen Water to a prospect staying at Ghim Moh. Having done my delivery, I instinctively proceeded to Holland Village Taxi Stand which is nearby and parked my vehicle at the empty second lot behind a blue NTUC Comfort taxi (still thinking that I am driving a taxi). Anyway, when a passenger boarded the taxi in front of me and drove off, I drove forward, stopped at the first lot and began waiting for passengers. After a while I saw this potential lady 'passenger' approaching my vehicle, so I got ready, but to my surprise and disappointment, she walked right past my vehicle and boarded the taxi parked directly behind me. At first I felt angry and annoyed by the potential 'passenger' who went for the taxi behind me. Then, all of a sudden, I realised that my vehicle is not a taxi. Laughing aloud, feeling very awkward, I quickly drove away, 'red faced', ashamed and looking silly but at the same time visibly amused at my behaviour. Well, cannot blame myself can I? I mean, having been a taxi driver for the past 15 years, you have to excuse me, but I suppose old habits do die hard. I continued laughing quietly to myself, felt utterly amused as I drove home, thinking about the good times, the thrills, the adventures only a taxi driver can experience.

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  1. Hi, nice one. Being an taxi driver for about 15 years is not easy to forget. Some habits do not forget easily.
    Thanks for this post. dawsoncab