Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Once Again........

                      "MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR" to one and all.

I have taken quite a long break this time and have not posted any blogs for more than a month but, to tell you truthfully, I really needed a bit of rest just now. I have been very active, on the move practically non-stop, engaging in and participating in activities like writing monthly articles for example in Time Out Singapore magazines for more than a year but have recently stopped doing so. I wrote for Agelesssonline,, local and overseas Institutions, others and also, at the same time giving talks on 'Healing water' and performing 'Kangen Water' demonstrations for private groups of people as well as 'one on one' demos here and there. Did film shoots for television, attended and given so many interviews to individuals, magazines, papers, etc, more about my taxi vocation and also my other interests as well. Apart from all these activities which I enjoyed tremendously, I still continued driving my taxi everyday, 7 days a week, plying my trade tirelessly everywhere in Singapore. All these activities were indeed very tiring and has taken a toll on me and I think I needed to slow down for awhile.

Meantime, with so many lively, some even shocking news and happenings going around at home, like the Little India riot saga, the discovery of the headless corpse and our speedy local law-enforcers' detective work to arrest the murderer so swiftly and also, not forgetting the 2013 Christmas light-up and year end shopping frenzy, parties, celebrities performances in the act everywhere, it is just so exciting, so very fast paced, so much so, before we even know it, 2014 has appeared.

I would like to let you know that I am now passionately involved with giving 'free' Kangen Water to so many people, 'baby boomers', (ages between 50 to 75), especially those with medical issues of all kinds, and watching healing taking place, as well as hearing good and positive testimonies from happy and thankful people from all walks of life who is drinking this 'Healing' and 'Miraculous Water'. I am presently a legal Global Distributor of Kangen Water and would gladly give you one month's Free trial of Kangen Water without any obligations whatsoever. For more information, you may call me anytime, any day on my mobile no. 91079351 or e-mail me: