Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Relaxing Evening and Hectic Morning

Yesterday evening, around 7.00pm, I had the pleasure of giving a short and hurried Kangen Water demonstration to my young handsome friends, 12 year old identical twin brothers, Ben and Aaron, together with their mother, in their Eastern apartment residence just before the arrival of the boys' private tutor. Incidentally, all of them were my taxi passengers whom I picked up and befriended two weeks ago from United Square taxi stand. The boys have been drinking and loving Kangen Water which I have been giving them for the past 2 weeks, and they were very excited and attentive as I demonstrated and explained the three unique features of Kangen Water to them, which are, (Oxidation Reduction Potential, Alkalinity and Micro Clustering). Both the boys are very active and intelligent. Ben is learning the violin and Aaron the piano. It was fun for all of us while it lasted. I left at about 8.00pm to continue plying my taxi trade. I love times like these which is so relaxing, a break away from the 'humdrum' of activities and of everyday life pressures.

Early this morning, just before 2.00am, I received a call from Thomas, one of my taxi buddies, that he was involved in a serious traffic accident when he smashed his taxi (belonging to the same taxi company as mine) into the rear of another taxi along Newton Road just in front of Hotel Royal, and was experiencing pains in his chest. I immediately drove to the scene of the accident and found my friend in his driver's seat dazed and having chest pains. I attended to him until the ambulance arrived 10 minutes later and brought him to the Emergency ward at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Meanwhile, I stayed back, waited for the police to arrive and reported the accident details to Traffic Police from information given to me by Thomas. I had to call the Taxi company, inform them of the accident and then called the tow truck company for assistance. All these activities and waiting time lasted till nearly 5.00am after which, I immediately visited my friend in hospital and was glad he was not seriously injured after being treated by doctors and being x-rayed. He had to rest awhile in hospital until doctors can discharge him. There was nothing much I could do except to return home and so, after having some supper, I finally reached home nearly 6.00am, This is truly a "happening" on an eventful October the first morning and I feel really tired and drained. I have to sign off now and 'hit the sack', Cheers and good morning to all.

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