Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beautiful Lady Passengers

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of fetching two young, pretty and charming expatriate ladies. My first pretty lady passenger whom I picked up at Holland Village taxi stand hails from France. She has been working here for the past three years and loves living here. She wanted to go to M Hotel which is at Anson Road to meet up with friends for dinner and drinks. Along the way to her destination, we spoke quite a bit, generally about her stay here and somehow, she just seems to be 'bumping' into her countrymen everywhere she goes, in Singapore as well as in many other Asian countries that she has been to. She loves to learn more of the Asian way of life and finds it very interesting, she has so far managed to speak a very little bit of Singlish, especially the "lahs", and she loves the food here. We laughed and enjoyed chatting all the way to the Hotel.

My second passenger, a young and pretty Indonesian Indian lady whom I picked up at International Plaza taxi stand at Anson Road and she had just finished work and wanted to go home to Bedok South. She told me she studied in Malaysia and has been working in Singapore as an Assistant Producer in a well known International media organisation for the past five years already. She has been living here with her grand parents all this while and she also added that she will be getting married very soon and I congratulated her. We started chatting along the way and yes, she spoke very good English. I thought at first that she was from the States. She too enjoys and loves living in Singapore. During our conversation, I started telling her about the healing properties of 'Kangen' water, (electrolytic ionised alkaline water), which I give away free to friends and anybody everyday. I went on talking and telling her about this water which has similarities to the much known 'miracle or holy' water found in Lourdes, France. She was a keen listener and found it interesting and also asked if it can help her grand parents' medical issues. When I gave her my calling card and told her that I am a taxi blogger, she exclaimed excitedly that she has been reading my blogs and now surprisingly meeting and talking to me in person. All of a sudden, I felt so proud and happy to be acknowledged by someone who has been reading my blogs. She was pleasant, enthusiastic and showed interest to know more about 'Kangen' water and so at her destination, I gave her a couple of tapes and some literature for more information and also invited her to call me anytime she needed this water. She paid me the metered fare of $16.00 as we happily wished each other goodbyes.
The encounters with these two lovely young ladies made my day.

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