Friday, August 30, 2013

More Problems Ahead

Last Wednesday afternoon, the very first passenger whom I picked up at Whampoa Food Centre was the start of my taxi meter giving me weird problems. This passenger wanted to go to Toa Payoh Lorong 5 and when I drove to his destination, my taxi meter showed $15.00 which was incredible for such a short distance. I knew straightaway that the meter is going 'Bonkers'. The actual fare should have been around $9.00 and that's what I asked for and collected from my surprised passenger. I could not get to repair the meter till the next day because it was already too late and so, I decided to take a break and went on to deliver 'Kangen' water to friends for the rest of the day.

New hi-tech gadgets sometimes give unexpected headaches to many senior taxi drivers especially those who are less educated in operating computer-like stuffs, having to press all sorts of buttons here and there causing them great distress. The Chinese educated taxi uncles are most affected by these changes. Attending classes conducted in English and learning to operate new gadgets makes it worst, takes a long time and also causes loss of income to many. Also nowadays, we need to go to our office at least once a month for them to check up and record on how many kilometres we travelled per day during peak hours, whats next and so on and so forth. Mind you, these appointments to attend are all on compulsory fixed times and dates. New rulings and regulations have made taxi driving more and more difficult, stressful and strenuous.

Because of continuous complaints from the general public on difficulties in 'catching' a taxi, too many 'On Call' signs, disappearance of taxis when most needed and to ugly behaviours of drivers and etc, Authorities are coming up with more new Rules and Regulations for taxi operators in the near future. It is definitely going to be more difficult and harder to be a taxi driver.


  1. Anyone read the book CABBIES : THE INSIDE STORY by Sam Hwang ? It can be found in Kinokuniya @ Ngee Ann City.

  2. Thank you so much Pam for the info.. I am so sorry for giving you such a late, late reply. Best Wishes,
    Uncle Frank.