Sunday, July 21, 2013

Banged from Behind.

Sometime last weekday around 7.30pm, I was ferrying a lady passenger along River Valley Road heading towards her residence, the first condominium on the right at River Valley Close and my vehicle was stationary waiting for opposite vehicles to pass before I made the turn into the condominium when suddenly there was this loud 'THUD' sound at the rear of my taxi. I turned my head to look behind and saw someone falling down. I quickly opened my door, came out from my taxi and saw this young lady, helmet still on her head, lying down on the road but she immediately got up and kept uttering loudly "Sorry Uncle, sorry, very sorry, my fault". I asked just as quickly, "Are you hurt, are you hurt, are you alright?", and she answered "No, I'm okay, I'm alright, I'm not hurt, its okay, I'm so sorry". I said "Not to worry, are you sure you are okay, you are not hurt in any way?". She said "No, no, I'm not hurt at all, thank you". "Come, let me help you on your bike" I offered and then next minute she was back on her bike again and began to start the engine. I stood and watched. Her bike purred and we both thought all was well and I proceeded back into my taxi, made the turn into the condominium to let off my passenger who was just as concerned. I told her everything was all right and her bike could start, no damages at all. My passenger whom I sensed was just as worried felt relieved, paid the fare and quickly alighted to go home. 

I turned my vehicle around to exit and to my surprise, the young lady biker, helmet still on and in her blue jeans was still stationary atop her bike but rooted at the same spot. I immediately parked my taxi outside the condo, got out and went to see if she needed any help. She said, "My bike can start but would not move forward, I don't know why". I looked at the front tyre and found that the bike's front mudguard had caved onto the tyre not allowing it to move forward at all. She got down from her bike and just then, one of the condo's security guard came around and I asked him to assist and help me move the bike to the side near the condo's gate. Meanwhile, the lady biker was calling for a tow truck on her mobile. When she was done, I asked her "How come you did not see my stationary taxi right in front of you?", and she replied "I was looking at the map on my mobile and was caught off guard and did not watch where I was going". No wonder, "That's not a wise thing to do and very lucky you had a 'soft' fall from your bike otherwise....." I said. She again apologised and I said "Don't worry, important thing is that you are safe and not hurt at all". I was very relieved, all said and done, I went back into my taxi and continued to ply the roads without even thinking of checking if the rear of my taxi was damaged in any way until very much later. There was a slight scratch mark on the bumper and nothing to be alarmed about, anyway, I was already feeling lucky that she was not injured at all otherwise I would have to act as emergency nurse and also ambulance driver and it would have been a long, long and weary night for me.   

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