Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All's Well That Ends Well with Lost and Found.

Left the house at 5pm today to give 10 litres of Kangen water to a Ladies Hair Dressing Salon in Bukit Panjang, Gave a short presentation of Kangen Water to four women and also gave them some booklets, fliers and CD tapes for their perusals. After that, had to quickly rushed to May Tat Plastic Company off Macpherson Road, reaching there at 6.40pm to purchase three dozens of plastic containers and spray pumps. From there, proceeded to Peninsula Plaza to purchase a Anespa unit (Mineral Ion Water Activator) on behalf of my Prospect and it was near 8.15pm. By the time my business partner and I arrived at my Prospect's home, which is opposite Whampoa Food Centre to deliver and also to install the apparatus, it was past 9pm. The installation of the unit in his bathroom took about an hour and after some operating  instructions, chit chat and settlement of purchase with my Prospect who is also now my down line, I decided to go with my business partner to have a well deserved late dinner at Short Street to eat chicken rice at the coffee shop and thereafter enjoyed the hot bean curd from its next door neighbour.

Before sending my friend home at Bedok Reservoir Road, we decided to discuss and share some more information about the business and so both of us ended up having coffee and spending some more time at the coffee shop on Jalan Ternaga till nearly 1.00am when I finally sent my friend home.

It was not the end of the day for me yet because another down line of mine wanted to meet up with me to seek for some general business advice. He is also a taxi driver and so, we met at Fong Seng (famous for Nasi Lemak) coffee shop at end of Clementi Road and it was 3.15am when we departed.

On my way home, I stopped at the Esso Petrol station just after Bukit Timah Shopping Centre to top up the tank when I discovered to my horror that my wallet was missing. I quickly drove back to Fong Seng coffee shop and they were about to close. I anxiously searched, looked here, there and everywhere, asked some staff and the cleaner if anyone had seen my wallet. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found. Sitting in my cab, blaming myself for being so careless and feeling miserable, I kept thinking if I might have or maybe lost it elsewhere, I decided to return to the previous coffee shop at Jalan Tenaga. Whilst on my way, I kept hoping and praying for my wallet to be found there, although deep inside me, I knew chances were highly not in my favour. It was then nearly 5am when I reached the coffee shop. I quickly enquired at the drinks counter and was extremely excited and thoroughly relieved that the cleaner auntie had found my wallet sitting alone by itself on the chair where I had sat earlier, this was about 4 hours ago, and she kept it for me and waited for my return. I was very grateful and thanked her with a small cash token as a reward for relieving me from further anxiety and the terrible, tiresome task of having to make reports to the police, banks and the different Authorities to reinstate the loss of documents and cards. It was truly a happy ending for me after such a long and exciting day's adventure.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sharing My Passions.

Wow, it has been a hectic past two weeks for me, as a taxi driver plying the streets and at the same time closing sales of seven Kangen water machines, and getting promoted to be ranked a 4A Distributor in Enagic Company. It was an enjoyable, most rewarding and exciting past couple of weeks, making new friends here and there, sharing wonderful experiences, hearing so many good testimonials from friends about their healthy changes and recovery from different types of medical issues after consuming Kangen water regularly. I have been happily giving away litres of Kangen water 'free' almost daily as well as presenting 'one on one' water demonstrations to my potential 'prospects' who are now proud owners of this 'Miraculous Medical Device' which produces Kangen water. Indeed very tiring going with the fast pace and finding lesser time to put up new posts lately, but rest assured, I will continue to blog.

For more than a year now, I am also a monthly columnist, writing and contributing articles in Time Out Singapore, an award winning International Consumer Magazine as well as contributing articles in Agelessonline, inSing, Esquire Magazine and giving numerous interviews to many others, from Educational institutions to Associations including Local and Foreign Individuals too. Once I even gave two Australian ladies an hour long interview for their Australia Project in my taxi whilst driving them around town, and they were very appreciative and insisted on giving me $50 which I refused but in the end, reluctantly accepted $25 through much persuasion. This trip started from Ardmore Park and finally ended at Junction 8 in Bishan.

Last month I celebrated my sixty ninth birthday which was on Vesak Day and I truly feel Blessed to be able to continue to share, contribute and inspire people in my generation and age groups living in this competitive and vibrant society. Personally, I must add I have found loads and loads of energy from consuming at least three litres of Kangen water everyday and to date, since August last year, I am totally free from minor colds, coughs or bodily aches and pains. I am thankful to be able to share with you my testimony.