Friday, May 31, 2013

Lovely Passengers.

It started last Tuesday evening around 5.30pm when I picked up my first three passengers at United Square taxi stand. A cute Primary one school girl with her Primary three elder brother and their maid. As soon as they boarded my cab, the little girl immediately said, "Uncle, please bring us to Serangoon Garden Estate but could you stop along Serangoon Avenue 3 first for a short while, just opposite a Secondary School because my brother wants to buy something at a sundry shop and then after that proceed to Serangoon Garden Estate by Jalan Nira thank you". "Okay girl, I will" I replied smiling and thought that was very good spoken English, such clear instructions, polite and well mannered from one so young.
After fetching them to their destination, I drove to Nex Mall taxi stand where I picked up my second passenger, a pretty first year Psychology student from a local University who said,  "Uncle please bring me to Jalan Riang, I think it's quite nearby, as quick as possible because I am late for a job interview thank you". "What time is your interview?" I asked, and she said "6pm". "But its now exactly 6pm already" as I looked at my watch. "I know, I'm so sorry, but can you please help me?" she pleaded. "Okay, I'll try my best" I replied. She told me along the way that she wanted to work during the coming Uni holidays to get some working experience and also earn some pocket money. She was quite cool and very pleasant during our conversation and I did manage to get her there in exactly 6 minutes. I could tell she was very relieved as she paid her fare and thanked me for my effort. I wished her success in her job interview as I drove off.
Finally, my third passenger whom I picked up when I returned to Nex Mall taxi stand, a young and very pleasant female office executive who wanted to go home to Yishun Avenue 6 and requested me to travel by Jalan Kayu and straight into former Seletar British Airbase entrance which was quite an unfamiliar new route for me. "Can we go through by this way?, I have never gone by this way before and not aware at all that this way can lead us to Yishun Avenue 1" I asked and she said "Uncle, not many people know how to get to Yishun Ave 1 by this route, but I have travelled a few times this way and I will direct you, its not congested with traffic and its fairly smooth so don't worry". "Okay, thank you, that's good" I replied and so she began to guide me through and not only that, she was also kind enough to tell me about buildings along the way and new ones to be constructed soon. She was like a "Tourist Guide" to me, a taxi driver. We had an interesting and wonderful chit chat till we reached her home. I thanked her for guiding me through this new route and educating me about the nearby surroundings.
These first three trips were the start of many more pleasant ones for me for the rest of my working shift and I enjoyed them all, yes, it was a good day.


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