Saturday, April 13, 2013

Regular Get Together and Fellowship.

Once or twice a week, me and my regular taxi buddies, usually five of us would meet at a coffee shop or at a food centre to eat, have drinks and engage in chit chats, serious talks, sharing each others work day experiences as well as discussing all kinds of daily issues practically all subjects such as family, income, encounters with passengers, health, travels, food, discoveries of new cctv locations, speed traps, vehicle breakdowns and accidents, government policies and getting penalised with summonses, talk about politics here and abroad, share jokes, you name it we talk about it, most of all, we thoroughly enjoy sharing laughter together. We look forward to our regular get together weekly and often call to remind each other to make sure we meet at our usual agreed day, time and place. Our get together sessions would usually last for at least an hour each time. These meetings have been going on for us for at least more than fifteen years as cabbies. We have been friends for more than forty years maybe more. Of course between us we do have arguments, disagreements in anything, our likes and dislikes, on sensitive subjects and often cajoling one another in every way. Time has passed us by so very quickly and we are nearly all senior citizens now.

Most cabbies have their own group of friends and meet up regularly for fellowship, have coffee or tea, eat together and share everyday news, all sorts of information and daily happenings at home and abroad. Most important we help and assist one another whenever we meet with difficulties whilst at work and also in our everyday lives.

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