Monday, April 1, 2013

Making Headlines.

News headlines, front page pictures and stories about taxi drivers have been the talk of the town lately. Not long ago, there was this drunk foreign expat who started bashing up a taxi driver claiming that he took a longer route. Then there was this hit and run taxi who caused the death of a foreign worker working on the roadside, investigations are ongoing and it is just a matter of time before the errand taxi driver gets arrested. After this, we read about the taxi driver who managed to catch a fare cheat trying to getaway without paying his metered fare of $18.00 dollars and most recently, about two days ago, this young lady who could not pay her $5.00 taxi fare but instead offered sex and tried to seduce the taxi driver who just asked her "Then how?" she exposed herself and started making sexual advances as well as groping him.

Well well well, so many front page headline stories about taxi drivers in such a short period of time, but mind you, these are only the exposed stories that we read from the daily newspapers. There are many, many more ugly and dangerous incidents about taxi drivers and their passengers which go unreported most likely due to lack of evidence and time constraints. Taxi drivers need to earn a living, and time spent making police reports and being interviewed is loss of time and income for us and that is why many of us choose to shrug away our unfortunate incidents and mishaps by continuing to provide our services, at the same time still brood and cursing our bad luck till we end our shifts.

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