Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another New Mata Puteh Family.

It was a very busy workday for me and when I finally returned home this morning at 3.00am, I was truly surprised to discover a new bird's nest near to the previous one which I did not remove from my Bamboo Hotel Tree. The tree shook a bit which led me to discover a brand new bird's nest perched nearby the older nest.  (Please refer to my two blogs about the Mata Puteh Family on Monday 30th July and Thursday 2nd August 2012), this nest looks similar except slightly smaller in size and so I immediately whip out my IPhone and began taking a series of quick shots when I saw a yellow coloured tail appear from the nest. You guessed it, I managed to capture the mother bird and after it flew off there were three tiny white eggs in the nest. This is the 6th Mata Puteh Family, the newest to inhabit the 'Hotel' for this new year. It was so refreshing, it made my day. Above are the photos taken of this latest wonderful encounter.

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