Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Lovely Surprise.

Surprise, surprise, two days after the Mata Puteh family left, leaving their nest neat, spic and span, what did I see, two lovely bamboo flowers. Its as if the bamboo plant is showing its appreciation also by producing the two beautiful flowers. For me, its truly rewarding being involved in this fantastic and moving episode. Unbelievabe finale with the bamboo plant flowering.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Departure Soon My Mata Puteh Friends.

On 15th March till today, 22nd March, exactly one week later, see how fast the Mata Puteh chicks have grown. Feathers sprouting its beautiful yellowish and greenish colours, heads have grown bigger with the third chick always partially hidden. It will be just a matter of days when they are full grown and then they will be off to greener pastures. I have watched many times the sequence from construction of the nest, laying of the eggs, getting hatched, naked and then adorning their beautiful coat of feathers before they fly away. I do not know when another new nest will be built but I will look after and keep this second nest together with the first one intact. These Mata Puteh Families, especially the mother bird have always been a joy and great pleasure for me to be associated with. I look forward for their future generations to come.

Friday, March 15, 2013

From Eggs To Chicks.

Three Mata Puteh chicks just hatched. Picture taken at 5.30pm 15th March but I'm afraid to use flash and so poor lighting and not too clear. Maybe another day or even at night I'll try to capture a better shot. The three chicks will now grow quite fast and as soon as their feathers start growing, I know they will leave home just as quickly. Its a great thrill to see from eggs to live chicks overnight. Many readers wanted to know if the eggs have hatched and here it is, they have. Today is their birthday. They look naked and ugly now but when  they put on their yellow and green coloured coats (feathers), they look beautiful. I feel happy and proud to be associated with these Mata Puteh families. The wonders of nature.

Exciting Film Shoots

The past few days was exciting and eventful for me. It was great, experiencing real life acting and getting filmed as a taxi uncle for two days for a project not to be disclosed for the time being. I had a wonderful time working together with eight very hard working and very professional crew members in two full working days which I must say was very tiring. There was also a time when I could have been filmed in the series "Taxi in Asia" but I was unfortunately hit with a pancreas sickness and was unable to take up the part, that was a few years ago.

This afternoon, I am invited to take part in another project to film shoot as a taxi uncle in the Ministry of Education's Road Safety program which I had to turn down after having finished film shoots during the past two days and I am quite exhausted, have to rest a bit.

I have two more taxi interviews to go and there don't seem to be enough time to cope although I thoroughly enjoy these meetings and participation, getting to know more people and understanding their work scopes which are most interesting. Writing blogs need time to recall incidents which can be quite trying when I cannot remember details, having been quite forgetful in recent times and have to fore go writing interesting episodes. I have been slow and tardy recently with many encounters from media people, meeting and discussing my life as a taxi uncle. There are so many interesting real life stories which I want to write but sometimes, somehow, I get clogged up and find it difficult to start up.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another New Mata Puteh Family.

It was a very busy workday for me and when I finally returned home this morning at 3.00am, I was truly surprised to discover a new bird's nest near to the previous one which I did not remove from my Bamboo Hotel Tree. The tree shook a bit which led me to discover a brand new bird's nest perched nearby the older nest.  (Please refer to my two blogs about the Mata Puteh Family on Monday 30th July and Thursday 2nd August 2012), this nest looks similar except slightly smaller in size and so I immediately whip out my IPhone and began taking a series of quick shots when I saw a yellow coloured tail appear from the nest. You guessed it, I managed to capture the mother bird and after it flew off there were three tiny white eggs in the nest. This is the 6th Mata Puteh Family, the newest to inhabit the 'Hotel' for this new year. It was so refreshing, it made my day. Above are the photos taken of this latest wonderful encounter.