Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day.

"Oh what a night....." by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and how true it was as I drove with the heavy rainfall earlier in the evening and through the night. My first few passengers were carrying very wet umbrellas and brought rain water into my cab when I picked them up by the roadside kerbs. In just a short while the inside of my cab was simply wet and also on the backseats as some inconsiderate passengers placed their wet umbrellas on the seat. There is no fun driving during heavy rainy days. Roads get clogged up and the highways with vehicles bumper to bumper were just 'crawling'. Looks like this evening we are going to face another repetition of continuous rainfall. Anyway, I will be attending a Kangen Water Distributors dinner and get together this evening from 6.30pm onwards which allows me some time off and away from the roads till after 9.00pm.

With the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations just around the corner, hordes and hordes of people are busily moving here, there and everywhere, doing frantic last minute shopping sprees. The crowds at taxi stands, by the roadsides and everywhere are frustrated and fuming as they try to 'catch' a cab with many of them soaking wet. It is through times like these that's when taxi drivers earn their bonuses, and after that start 'sweating' with all the cleaning up they have to do with their taxis after their shifts..  

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