Friday, February 22, 2013

Inevitable Changes.

Driving a taxi is getting very tiring nowadays, especially the older taxi models such as the Toyota Crown which I am using. With manual gears, my legs ache with so much action each time there is traffic congestion, or slow moving vehicles which is a common daily occurrence and worst if accidents happen or when vehicles breakdown this ultimately causes massive jams. I need to change to an automatic vehicle in the near future to protect myself from possible bodily injuries in the long run. With all the talk and debates on the sensitive subject of 6.9 million population soon, things will inevitably happen and I dread to imagine future frightening traffic 'snarls' with an additional few hundred thousand more vehicles on the road, it is indeed scary.

With the increase in vehicle population, it is no longer enjoyable just driving around, be it for leisure or for work. Each day when I get behind my wheels, I know I will be 'swarmed' in a world of crowded vehicles of all sorts and also, most of my passengers, about 70 per cent of them will likely be foreigners. More and more long queues of passengers at taxi stands, more visitors here, there and everywhere augers well for cabbies' earnings but these also come with a 'price'. Complaints against taxi drivers are on the rise even for very minor issues. Taxi Drivers getting abused and badly beaten up are making headlines. Being a service provider in this vocation is always a risk. I mean, being together with strangers, anything can happen. Right now I am getting ready to join the crowd.


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    1. Thank you bibershally, will remember to call when I travel to Australia. Cheers!