Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Living Doll.

For me, it was worth taking a night off once again to attend another memorable evening, this time to watch the Cliff Richard show. With such agility and familiar voice, this ageless 'super' iconic Pop Idol gave a fabulous performance for two solid hours, singing and dancing, making jokes and when he bowed to say thank you and goodnight after singing his last song, the enthusiastic full house, 'Sold Out' crowd cried for more, more and you know what, the crowd went wild when he returned not once or twice but three times singing three more golden hit songs to our thunderous applause. It was simply a fantastic display from this famous 'Rock n Roll' celebrity. I truly enjoyed his concert which brought back great memories of the past more than half a century of his unforgettable top hits and still more to come in the near future says Cliff.

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