Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Living Doll.

For me, it was worth taking a night off once again to attend another memorable evening, this time to watch the Cliff Richard show. With such agility and familiar voice, this ageless 'super' iconic Pop Idol gave a fabulous performance for two solid hours, singing and dancing, making jokes and when he bowed to say thank you and goodnight after singing his last song, the enthusiastic full house, 'Sold Out' crowd cried for more, more and you know what, the crowd went wild when he returned not once or twice but three times singing three more golden hit songs to our thunderous applause. It was simply a fantastic display from this famous 'Rock n Roll' celebrity. I truly enjoyed his concert which brought back great memories of the past more than half a century of his unforgettable top hits and still more to come in the near future says Cliff.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Inevitable Changes.

Driving a taxi is getting very tiring nowadays, especially the older taxi models such as the Toyota Crown which I am using. With manual gears, my legs ache with so much action each time there is traffic congestion, or slow moving vehicles which is a common daily occurrence and worst if accidents happen or when vehicles breakdown this ultimately causes massive jams. I need to change to an automatic vehicle in the near future to protect myself from possible bodily injuries in the long run. With all the talk and debates on the sensitive subject of 6.9 million population soon, things will inevitably happen and I dread to imagine future frightening traffic 'snarls' with an additional few hundred thousand more vehicles on the road, it is indeed scary.

With the increase in vehicle population, it is no longer enjoyable just driving around, be it for leisure or for work. Each day when I get behind my wheels, I know I will be 'swarmed' in a world of crowded vehicles of all sorts and also, most of my passengers, about 70 per cent of them will likely be foreigners. More and more long queues of passengers at taxi stands, more visitors here, there and everywhere augers well for cabbies' earnings but these also come with a 'price'. Complaints against taxi drivers are on the rise even for very minor issues. Taxi Drivers getting abused and badly beaten up are making headlines. Being a service provider in this vocation is always a risk. I mean, being together with strangers, anything can happen. Right now I am getting ready to join the crowd.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day.

"Oh what a night....." by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and how true it was as I drove with the heavy rainfall earlier in the evening and through the night. My first few passengers were carrying very wet umbrellas and brought rain water into my cab when I picked them up by the roadside kerbs. In just a short while the inside of my cab was simply wet and also on the backseats as some inconsiderate passengers placed their wet umbrellas on the seat. There is no fun driving during heavy rainy days. Roads get clogged up and the highways with vehicles bumper to bumper were just 'crawling'. Looks like this evening we are going to face another repetition of continuous rainfall. Anyway, I will be attending a Kangen Water Distributors dinner and get together this evening from 6.30pm onwards which allows me some time off and away from the roads till after 9.00pm.

With the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations just around the corner, hordes and hordes of people are busily moving here, there and everywhere, doing frantic last minute shopping sprees. The crowds at taxi stands, by the roadsides and everywhere are frustrated and fuming as they try to 'catch' a cab with many of them soaking wet. It is through times like these that's when taxi drivers earn their bonuses, and after that start 'sweating' with all the cleaning up they have to do with their taxis after their shifts..  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Start of Events and Festivals.

The first month of year 2013 and we faced a horrible tragedy on our roads. The horrific accident that took away the lives of two young boys, aged 7 and 13 years. There are many accidents that involve taxis nearly everyday and I am asked frequently why this is so. Well, taxis are on the roads everywhere, 24 hours a day and therefore their risks in getting involved in accidents are very much greater. Nowadays, we see more and traffic police on the roads and this is good. With many eyes on the lookout for reckless, speeding and errand drivers, it would be safer for road users especially the young and elderly pedestrians. Heavier penalties and punishments would definitely be a deterrent to irresponsible drivers of all categories of motor vehicles.

It is fast how January has passed us by, including the first Indian cultural festival which is Thaipusam, held last week with awesome displays of fire walking, carrying of heavily decorated kavadis, pots on heads and the spiking of stainless steel bars into bodies was really a spectacle to behold in broad daylight and during night time too as hordes of devotees walked along the crowded city roads from temple to temple, chanting and singing, watched by throngs of spectators, tourists and locals.

The next most colourful and long celebrations will happen next weekend and its none other than the widely celebrated Chinese Lunar New Year festivities. Taxi Users will find great difficulties in securing taxi services during this period as most Chinese taxi drivers stop work and go all out entertaining relatives and friends including themselves, spending  time with their own families by providing transportation , doing errands and most of all, for visiting purposes. Taxi drivers have already been doing great business last week and this coming week. It is like 'bonus' time for Taxi Drivers when their taxis are truly in great demand throughout the day and night till the eve of New Year's day when all will be enjoying their 'not to be missed' Re-Union Dinner with Family and Loved ones.