Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Year Of The Snake.

Another two weeks more and its Chinese New Year once more. Already you can see Chinese New Year decorations in Chinatown with the 'light up' now on together with this year's 'Snake' theme and as expected the supreme colour 'RED' appearing everywhere. The only difference is the disappearance of the sound of firing crackers, the red coloured carpeted remains of crackers strewn along roads and streets which have vanished altogether. Present day Chinese New Year celebrations have lost its magical, 'sounds and cracker smells' and for me it just feels like another one of those religious and commercial holiday 'splats'. Many traditional values of family unity like the 'MUST' to be home, gathering together, with family members which we ultimately call 'RE-UNION DINNER' has lost its vibrancy and compulsory attendance for most families with most of us giving absurd excuses to avoid attendance by doing the disappearing act, very common and favourite excuse is, just say and tell this famous phrase - 'away for holidays overseas'. Preparations for this auspicious day is actually a compulsory ritual for all to do 'inescapable' cleaners' job, tiresome, troublesome and frowned upon by all before the big day approaches. Nevertheless, with all these downsides and unforeseeable future, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you one and all.............                                    

                                                  "A Happy and Prosperous New Year"

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