Monday, January 7, 2013

Changing Times.

So fast, the days and the first week of 2013 have already gone past. This year is already showing signs how swiftly and quickly we are again moving day by day. Anticipation of the next festival is now gathering momentum as we start to buy the coming Chinese New Year goodies. Everywhere, in petrol stations, shopping malls and eateries, signs welcoming the next big occasion are steadily getting into place. The pace and speed of everyday life's activities have not relented and I daresay this year 2013 will come and go just as fast as last year maybe even faster. It's frightening isn't it?

Times have changed tremendously in this new generation where expectations are set higher with greater needs for continuous high technological mobile gizmos, futuristic living standards and unprecedented lifestyles and changing scenes in human behavioural patterns such as society's acceptance of marriages between same genders, violence against the weaker sex such as gang rapes, more horrific abuse of untold torture and brazen killings of innocent children. I wonder where all these will lead us to. The world was warned so many times that it will end by certain dates with predictions and more impending ones, scary, but until this very day, it has survived each and every threat and so life goes on.

To begin my first blog for this new year in such a sombre, alarming and disheartening fashion is quite unlike me but then, feelings and thoughts of happy and wonderful days ahead have not ceased either. Lets make this another fruitful and exciting year ahead and continue to look forward to whatever will be, will be. Don't worry, be happy and stay healthy always. Cheers!

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