Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Once Again........

                      "MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR" to one and all.

I have taken quite a long break this time and have not posted any blogs for more than a month but, to tell you truthfully, I really needed a bit of rest just now. I have been very active, on the move practically non-stop, engaging in and participating in activities like writing monthly articles for example in Time Out Singapore magazines for more than a year but have recently stopped doing so. I wrote for Agelesssonline,, local and overseas Institutions, others and also, at the same time giving talks on 'Healing water' and performing 'Kangen Water' demonstrations for private groups of people as well as 'one on one' demos here and there. Did film shoots for television, attended and given so many interviews to individuals, magazines, papers, etc, more about my taxi vocation and also my other interests as well. Apart from all these activities which I enjoyed tremendously, I still continued driving my taxi everyday, 7 days a week, plying my trade tirelessly everywhere in Singapore. All these activities were indeed very tiring and has taken a toll on me and I think I needed to slow down for awhile.

Meantime, with so many lively, some even shocking news and happenings going around at home, like the Little India riot saga, the discovery of the headless corpse and our speedy local law-enforcers' detective work to arrest the murderer so swiftly and also, not forgetting the 2013 Christmas light-up and year end shopping frenzy, parties, celebrities performances in the act everywhere, it is just so exciting, so very fast paced, so much so, before we even know it, 2014 has appeared.

I would like to let you know that I am now passionately involved with giving 'free' Kangen Water to so many people, 'baby boomers', (ages between 50 to 75), especially those with medical issues of all kinds, and watching healing taking place, as well as hearing good and positive testimonies from happy and thankful people from all walks of life who is drinking this 'Healing' and 'Miraculous Water'. I am presently a legal Global Distributor of Kangen Water and would gladly give you one month's Free trial of Kangen Water without any obligations whatsoever. For more information, you may call me anytime, any day on my mobile no. 91079351 or e-mail me:  

Saturday, November 2, 2013


            I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Hindu readers and Friends a                                                                  
                                                "  HAPPY DEEPAVALI  "

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Memorable Passenger

One day, driving this famous 'ang mo' passenger, who else but none other than Neil Humphreys, author of a number of books including #1 best-selling-book in Singapore titled "Return to a Sexy Island" was indeed an unforgettable experience for me. I would like to share with you a glimpse of what a working day is like in the life of a taxi driver. Welcome to this link below and enjoy............


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beautiful Lady Passengers

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of fetching two young, pretty and charming expatriate ladies. My first pretty lady passenger whom I picked up at Holland Village taxi stand hails from France. She has been working here for the past three years and loves living here. She wanted to go to M Hotel which is at Anson Road to meet up with friends for dinner and drinks. Along the way to her destination, we spoke quite a bit, generally about her stay here and somehow, she just seems to be 'bumping' into her countrymen everywhere she goes, in Singapore as well as in many other Asian countries that she has been to. She loves to learn more of the Asian way of life and finds it very interesting, she has so far managed to speak a very little bit of Singlish, especially the "lahs", and she loves the food here. We laughed and enjoyed chatting all the way to the Hotel.

My second passenger, a young and pretty Indonesian Indian lady whom I picked up at International Plaza taxi stand at Anson Road and she had just finished work and wanted to go home to Bedok South. She told me she studied in Malaysia and has been working in Singapore as an Assistant Producer in a well known International media organisation for the past five years already. She has been living here with her grand parents all this while and she also added that she will be getting married very soon and I congratulated her. We started chatting along the way and yes, she spoke very good English. I thought at first that she was from the States. She too enjoys and loves living in Singapore. During our conversation, I started telling her about the healing properties of 'Kangen' water, (electrolytic ionised alkaline water), which I give away free to friends and anybody everyday. I went on talking and telling her about this water which has similarities to the much known 'miracle or holy' water found in Lourdes, France. She was a keen listener and found it interesting and also asked if it can help her grand parents' medical issues. When I gave her my calling card and told her that I am a taxi blogger, she exclaimed excitedly that she has been reading my blogs and now surprisingly meeting and talking to me in person. All of a sudden, I felt so proud and happy to be acknowledged by someone who has been reading my blogs. She was pleasant, enthusiastic and showed interest to know more about 'Kangen' water and so at her destination, I gave her a couple of tapes and some literature for more information and also invited her to call me anytime she needed this water. She paid me the metered fare of $16.00 as we happily wished each other goodbyes.
The encounters with these two lovely young ladies made my day.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Relaxing Evening and Hectic Morning

Yesterday evening, around 7.00pm, I had the pleasure of giving a short and hurried Kangen Water demonstration to my young handsome friends, 12 year old identical twin brothers, Ben and Aaron, together with their mother, in their Eastern apartment residence just before the arrival of the boys' private tutor. Incidentally, all of them were my taxi passengers whom I picked up and befriended two weeks ago from United Square taxi stand. The boys have been drinking and loving Kangen Water which I have been giving them for the past 2 weeks, and they were very excited and attentive as I demonstrated and explained the three unique features of Kangen Water to them, which are, (Oxidation Reduction Potential, Alkalinity and Micro Clustering). Both the boys are very active and intelligent. Ben is learning the violin and Aaron the piano. It was fun for all of us while it lasted. I left at about 8.00pm to continue plying my taxi trade. I love times like these which is so relaxing, a break away from the 'humdrum' of activities and of everyday life pressures.

Early this morning, just before 2.00am, I received a call from Thomas, one of my taxi buddies, that he was involved in a serious traffic accident when he smashed his taxi (belonging to the same taxi company as mine) into the rear of another taxi along Newton Road just in front of Hotel Royal, and was experiencing pains in his chest. I immediately drove to the scene of the accident and found my friend in his driver's seat dazed and having chest pains. I attended to him until the ambulance arrived 10 minutes later and brought him to the Emergency ward at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Meanwhile, I stayed back, waited for the police to arrive and reported the accident details to Traffic Police from information given to me by Thomas. I had to call the Taxi company, inform them of the accident and then called the tow truck company for assistance. All these activities and waiting time lasted till nearly 5.00am after which, I immediately visited my friend in hospital and was glad he was not seriously injured after being treated by doctors and being x-rayed. He had to rest awhile in hospital until doctors can discharge him. There was nothing much I could do except to return home and so, after having some supper, I finally reached home nearly 6.00am, This is truly a "happening" on an eventful October the first morning and I feel really tired and drained. I have to sign off now and 'hit the sack', Cheers and good morning to all.

Friday, August 30, 2013

More Problems Ahead

Last Wednesday afternoon, the very first passenger whom I picked up at Whampoa Food Centre was the start of my taxi meter giving me weird problems. This passenger wanted to go to Toa Payoh Lorong 5 and when I drove to his destination, my taxi meter showed $15.00 which was incredible for such a short distance. I knew straightaway that the meter is going 'Bonkers'. The actual fare should have been around $9.00 and that's what I asked for and collected from my surprised passenger. I could not get to repair the meter till the next day because it was already too late and so, I decided to take a break and went on to deliver 'Kangen' water to friends for the rest of the day.

New hi-tech gadgets sometimes give unexpected headaches to many senior taxi drivers especially those who are less educated in operating computer-like stuffs, having to press all sorts of buttons here and there causing them great distress. The Chinese educated taxi uncles are most affected by these changes. Attending classes conducted in English and learning to operate new gadgets makes it worst, takes a long time and also causes loss of income to many. Also nowadays, we need to go to our office at least once a month for them to check up and record on how many kilometres we travelled per day during peak hours, whats next and so on and so forth. Mind you, these appointments to attend are all on compulsory fixed times and dates. New rulings and regulations have made taxi driving more and more difficult, stressful and strenuous.

Because of continuous complaints from the general public on difficulties in 'catching' a taxi, too many 'On Call' signs, disappearance of taxis when most needed and to ugly behaviours of drivers and etc, Authorities are coming up with more new Rules and Regulations for taxi operators in the near future. It is definitely going to be more difficult and harder to be a taxi driver.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Festivals and Celebrations

                     "SELAMAT HARI RAYA ADILFITRI" to all my Muslim friends!
                                     and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE"

Its so unusual, so exciting, so wonderful to witness the sharing, co-existence of so many different races and religions celebrating their festivals at the same time and at the same place. This only happens in SINGAPORE. Yes, the Chinese festival of the 'Hungry Ghosts' month, the Malays celebration of the end of Muslims fasting month, Ramadan and the celebration of Singapore's 48th Birthday, all of these happenings during the same week. 

Our Malay taxi drivers will enjoy their Hari Raya by taking the long weekend break while the others will carry on with their usual driving routines with extra passengers and holiday revellers as well as some increase in fare earnings. 

Meanwhile, taxi drivers are facing more and more new rules and regulations being carried out and implemented, such as the compulsory 250 kilometres on the road per day, more emphasis on taxis to be on the road during peak hours of between 6am to 11am in the morning and between 5pm to 12 midnight daily. This is because of daily complaints of difficulties in getting a cab during these times made by the general public and taxi drivers will face more disciplinary actions such as getting demerit points for this and that, or being sacked. Already it is a hassle having to report to their respective companies for compulsory routine meter checks and mileage recordings at least once a month. I feel it is no longer true that we are self employed. There is going to be greater pressure and hardship falling upon drivers in this vocation with taxi rentals continuing to rise with replacements of newer taxi models from time to time. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Banged from Behind.

Sometime last weekday around 7.30pm, I was ferrying a lady passenger along River Valley Road heading towards her residence, the first condominium on the right at River Valley Close and my vehicle was stationary waiting for opposite vehicles to pass before I made the turn into the condominium when suddenly there was this loud 'THUD' sound at the rear of my taxi. I turned my head to look behind and saw someone falling down. I quickly opened my door, came out from my taxi and saw this young lady, helmet still on her head, lying down on the road but she immediately got up and kept uttering loudly "Sorry Uncle, sorry, very sorry, my fault". I asked just as quickly, "Are you hurt, are you hurt, are you alright?", and she answered "No, I'm okay, I'm alright, I'm not hurt, its okay, I'm so sorry". I said "Not to worry, are you sure you are okay, you are not hurt in any way?". She said "No, no, I'm not hurt at all, thank you". "Come, let me help you on your bike" I offered and then next minute she was back on her bike again and began to start the engine. I stood and watched. Her bike purred and we both thought all was well and I proceeded back into my taxi, made the turn into the condominium to let off my passenger who was just as concerned. I told her everything was all right and her bike could start, no damages at all. My passenger whom I sensed was just as worried felt relieved, paid the fare and quickly alighted to go home. 

I turned my vehicle around to exit and to my surprise, the young lady biker, helmet still on and in her blue jeans was still stationary atop her bike but rooted at the same spot. I immediately parked my taxi outside the condo, got out and went to see if she needed any help. She said, "My bike can start but would not move forward, I don't know why". I looked at the front tyre and found that the bike's front mudguard had caved onto the tyre not allowing it to move forward at all. She got down from her bike and just then, one of the condo's security guard came around and I asked him to assist and help me move the bike to the side near the condo's gate. Meanwhile, the lady biker was calling for a tow truck on her mobile. When she was done, I asked her "How come you did not see my stationary taxi right in front of you?", and she replied "I was looking at the map on my mobile and was caught off guard and did not watch where I was going". No wonder, "That's not a wise thing to do and very lucky you had a 'soft' fall from your bike otherwise....." I said. She again apologised and I said "Don't worry, important thing is that you are safe and not hurt at all". I was very relieved, all said and done, I went back into my taxi and continued to ply the roads without even thinking of checking if the rear of my taxi was damaged in any way until very much later. There was a slight scratch mark on the bumper and nothing to be alarmed about, anyway, I was already feeling lucky that she was not injured at all otherwise I would have to act as emergency nurse and also ambulance driver and it would have been a long, long and weary night for me.   

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"What? Me? A Celebrity?"

I am but a humble taxi driver and to be interviewed and featured in a prestigious magazine such as Esquire Singapore, July 2013 issue, I am truly honoured. Appearing between photographs, articles and pages of Top Worldwide Celebrities, together with the likes of Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sean Penn, Thom Yorke, Petra Nemcova and Top Local Celebrities such as Gurmit Singh, Ivan Heng, Constance Singam, Ang Peng Siong, makes me feel as if I am one of them, well, even for a short while, 'ahem' maybe just a 'mini' small time Taxi Blogger. But still, to be featured amongst them makes my head spin, swell and honestly, proud and still feeling dazed.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All's Well That Ends Well with Lost and Found.

Left the house at 5pm today to give 10 litres of Kangen water to a Ladies Hair Dressing Salon in Bukit Panjang, Gave a short presentation of Kangen Water to four women and also gave them some booklets, fliers and CD tapes for their perusals. After that, had to quickly rushed to May Tat Plastic Company off Macpherson Road, reaching there at 6.40pm to purchase three dozens of plastic containers and spray pumps. From there, proceeded to Peninsula Plaza to purchase a Anespa unit (Mineral Ion Water Activator) on behalf of my Prospect and it was near 8.15pm. By the time my business partner and I arrived at my Prospect's home, which is opposite Whampoa Food Centre to deliver and also to install the apparatus, it was past 9pm. The installation of the unit in his bathroom took about an hour and after some operating  instructions, chit chat and settlement of purchase with my Prospect who is also now my down line, I decided to go with my business partner to have a well deserved late dinner at Short Street to eat chicken rice at the coffee shop and thereafter enjoyed the hot bean curd from its next door neighbour.

Before sending my friend home at Bedok Reservoir Road, we decided to discuss and share some more information about the business and so both of us ended up having coffee and spending some more time at the coffee shop on Jalan Ternaga till nearly 1.00am when I finally sent my friend home.

It was not the end of the day for me yet because another down line of mine wanted to meet up with me to seek for some general business advice. He is also a taxi driver and so, we met at Fong Seng (famous for Nasi Lemak) coffee shop at end of Clementi Road and it was 3.15am when we departed.

On my way home, I stopped at the Esso Petrol station just after Bukit Timah Shopping Centre to top up the tank when I discovered to my horror that my wallet was missing. I quickly drove back to Fong Seng coffee shop and they were about to close. I anxiously searched, looked here, there and everywhere, asked some staff and the cleaner if anyone had seen my wallet. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found. Sitting in my cab, blaming myself for being so careless and feeling miserable, I kept thinking if I might have or maybe lost it elsewhere, I decided to return to the previous coffee shop at Jalan Tenaga. Whilst on my way, I kept hoping and praying for my wallet to be found there, although deep inside me, I knew chances were highly not in my favour. It was then nearly 5am when I reached the coffee shop. I quickly enquired at the drinks counter and was extremely excited and thoroughly relieved that the cleaner auntie had found my wallet sitting alone by itself on the chair where I had sat earlier, this was about 4 hours ago, and she kept it for me and waited for my return. I was very grateful and thanked her with a small cash token as a reward for relieving me from further anxiety and the terrible, tiresome task of having to make reports to the police, banks and the different Authorities to reinstate the loss of documents and cards. It was truly a happy ending for me after such a long and exciting day's adventure.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sharing My Passions.

Wow, it has been a hectic past two weeks for me, as a taxi driver plying the streets and at the same time closing sales of seven Kangen water machines, and getting promoted to be ranked a 4A Distributor in Enagic Company. It was an enjoyable, most rewarding and exciting past couple of weeks, making new friends here and there, sharing wonderful experiences, hearing so many good testimonials from friends about their healthy changes and recovery from different types of medical issues after consuming Kangen water regularly. I have been happily giving away litres of Kangen water 'free' almost daily as well as presenting 'one on one' water demonstrations to my potential 'prospects' who are now proud owners of this 'Miraculous Medical Device' which produces Kangen water. Indeed very tiring going with the fast pace and finding lesser time to put up new posts lately, but rest assured, I will continue to blog.

For more than a year now, I am also a monthly columnist, writing and contributing articles in Time Out Singapore, an award winning International Consumer Magazine as well as contributing articles in Agelessonline, inSing, Esquire Magazine and giving numerous interviews to many others, from Educational institutions to Associations including Local and Foreign Individuals too. Once I even gave two Australian ladies an hour long interview for their Australia Project in my taxi whilst driving them around town, and they were very appreciative and insisted on giving me $50 which I refused but in the end, reluctantly accepted $25 through much persuasion. This trip started from Ardmore Park and finally ended at Junction 8 in Bishan.

Last month I celebrated my sixty ninth birthday which was on Vesak Day and I truly feel Blessed to be able to continue to share, contribute and inspire people in my generation and age groups living in this competitive and vibrant society. Personally, I must add I have found loads and loads of energy from consuming at least three litres of Kangen water everyday and to date, since August last year, I am totally free from minor colds, coughs or bodily aches and pains. I am thankful to be able to share with you my testimony.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Lovely Passengers.

It started last Tuesday evening around 5.30pm when I picked up my first three passengers at United Square taxi stand. A cute Primary one school girl with her Primary three elder brother and their maid. As soon as they boarded my cab, the little girl immediately said, "Uncle, please bring us to Serangoon Garden Estate but could you stop along Serangoon Avenue 3 first for a short while, just opposite a Secondary School because my brother wants to buy something at a sundry shop and then after that proceed to Serangoon Garden Estate by Jalan Nira thank you". "Okay girl, I will" I replied smiling and thought that was very good spoken English, such clear instructions, polite and well mannered from one so young.
After fetching them to their destination, I drove to Nex Mall taxi stand where I picked up my second passenger, a pretty first year Psychology student from a local University who said,  "Uncle please bring me to Jalan Riang, I think it's quite nearby, as quick as possible because I am late for a job interview thank you". "What time is your interview?" I asked, and she said "6pm". "But its now exactly 6pm already" as I looked at my watch. "I know, I'm so sorry, but can you please help me?" she pleaded. "Okay, I'll try my best" I replied. She told me along the way that she wanted to work during the coming Uni holidays to get some working experience and also earn some pocket money. She was quite cool and very pleasant during our conversation and I did manage to get her there in exactly 6 minutes. I could tell she was very relieved as she paid her fare and thanked me for my effort. I wished her success in her job interview as I drove off.
Finally, my third passenger whom I picked up when I returned to Nex Mall taxi stand, a young and very pleasant female office executive who wanted to go home to Yishun Avenue 6 and requested me to travel by Jalan Kayu and straight into former Seletar British Airbase entrance which was quite an unfamiliar new route for me. "Can we go through by this way?, I have never gone by this way before and not aware at all that this way can lead us to Yishun Avenue 1" I asked and she said "Uncle, not many people know how to get to Yishun Ave 1 by this route, but I have travelled a few times this way and I will direct you, its not congested with traffic and its fairly smooth so don't worry". "Okay, thank you, that's good" I replied and so she began to guide me through and not only that, she was also kind enough to tell me about buildings along the way and new ones to be constructed soon. She was like a "Tourist Guide" to me, a taxi driver. We had an interesting and wonderful chit chat till we reached her home. I thanked her for guiding me through this new route and educating me about the nearby surroundings.
These first three trips were the start of many more pleasant ones for me for the rest of my working shift and I enjoyed them all, yes, it was a good day.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ferrying Top Celebrities.

Last night at around 8.00pm, I picked up a Caucasian man at Orchard Tower taxi stand. "Hello, I would like to go to Fort Road please" he said. "Hi, sure, ok" I answered. "Please go straight along Orchard Road and then take the ECP and also, I am a bit tired, I need to rest. Please wake me up when we are there thanks" he requested. "Okay, sure, will do" I replied. As soon as I turned into Fort Road from the ECP, I said, "Hello, we are along Fort Road now", and he sat up and asked "Could you go to Meyer Road and then Arthur Road from here?". I answered "Yes of course" and continued driving towards his destination. I stopped my cab at the Condo's lobby, the fare meter showed $10.60, as I switched on the ceiling light, turned around and told him the fare amount and suddenly he looked very familiar. I asked "Hello, you must be the popular Andrew Frost, the horse racing presenter at Kranji Turf Club!" he said "Yes" and smiled as he paid me the fare. "What was your Cup tip of the day?" I asked and he quickly replied Hong Kong's "Military Attack". Wow, the New Paper's Top Tipster has got it right again. Yes, he is Kranji Turf Club's Racing Celebrity, also a very popular Television racing presenter as well and overall Top Race Tipster for the past few years. He has recently resigned from his post to join the highly successful weekly race magazine "Racing Guide" organization. I wished him Good Luck in his new assignment as we bade farewell.

Not very often do I get Celebrity passengers, but two months ago I was again lucky to have ferried another Top Celebrity in the form of well-known Neil Humphreys, columnist and writer, Author of seven books of which, Best-Seller "Return to a Sexy Island", a copy of his book was given to me 'free' with his best compliments whilst he was on board my taxi. Neil and I had a memorable time chatting with one another, sharing lots of stories, jokes and laughter. I was lucky to have met him and truly enjoyed his company.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Passenger Extraordinaire.

Ferrying my passengers recently was quite dull and boring as most of my passengers were always very quiet, kept to themselves throughout the trips, returned short mono syllable answers to my curious questions, no chit-chats, too engrossed in their handsets, usually playing games or into their ipads and therefore nothing exciting or interesting happens during these journeys which has kept me slow in posting interesting or informative blogs lately.

This evening, around 10.30pm, I picked up a passenger at Clarke Quay taxi stand. He comes from England, a fifty-ish English guy who wanted to go to Orchard Towers. I wished him and commented "A bit quiet tonight in Clarke Quay isn't it, but it would be lively with women activities over at OT". He replied "Yeah, I'm going there and maybe can meet up with my ex". "Woh, that'll be nice!" I said, adding "What's her Nationality by the way?". He answered quickly, "A bitch". And then it all started as we headed towards OT with him asking me if I knew what a deer was and I said "Yes, its an animal". "Right" he said, "but this deer has got no eye" and I asked him "How come and why?" he replied "No eye-deer" (No idea) I laughed aloud and he continued, "The deer remained very still, you know why?" I said "No, I don't" and he said "Still No eye deer" after which he immediately started telling me fantastic jokes one after another, mostly vulgar and obscene ones which got me laughing hysterically non stop all the way to OT. Mind you, his repertoire of kinky, obscene and very vulgar jokes were fast, continuous, seemed endless and I just could not help being tickled so badly as he kept spewing out all the jokes that kept me laughing with him loudly all the way to the taxi stand at Orchard Towers.

He paid his fare and gave me an extra $3.00 tip together with a last obscene joke as he alighted. Wow, I was all shooked up, wide awake and tried hard to remember his jokes as I drove off. Suddenly my taxi work became so full of life, exciting as I continued laughing quietly till I finished my shift. I wish I could duplicate and pen his vulgar jokes and short quips to share with you guys too, but no, I cannot do it, its too shamelessly obscene. He was indeed a fantastic stand up comedian whom I'll miss as he will be flying home tomorrow night. My only regret is, I forgot to ask him for his name and contact.    

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Unbelievable but True.

We had a great get together Saturday night when me and my regular taxi buddies started telling and exchanging tales of our funniest and weirdest encounters with our passengers past and present. The most hilarious was this incident told by my friend Thomas, a veteran cabby of more than 25 years, about this young and pretty, but truly drunk lady that he picked up around 2.00am near Orchard Plaza quite some time ago. This drunk lady's friend hailed his cab, and asked Thomas to send her drunk friend safely home which is somewhere in Hougang estate. She handed $50.00 together with a slip of paper indicating the exact address where her friend lived and thanked him in advance for his kind services. As soon as he started driving on his way, this drunk lady began to climb from the back seat to the front passenger seat in such an awkward manner that she fell head on, landed on the floor mat in front of the passenger seat and with her tank top blouse pulled up to her waist exposing her naked breasts as she wore no bra at all. The rest of us suddenly burst into loud and wild laughter as he continued his story. He said he quickly stopped his taxi by the side of the road and helped her get seated and pulled her tank top back in place for her, making us exclaim with 'woos and ahhs' before he proceeded on his way. This drunk lady was truly unaware of her condition but did not cause anymore problems for Thomas in her half awake dishevelled disposition the rest of the journey. Upon arrival near the foot of her apartment, he told her that the metered fare was more than $20,00 dollars, and she was able to tell him to keep the change. He alighted, went to assist her out of his taxi and also helped walk her to the apartment's lift and had to accompany her to her door knowing that she will not be able to walk without any assistance. Now, this is where the most unlikely and unbelievable thing which really happened which got all of us in stitches, wide eyed and astounded. This pretty young lady did the most unthinkable as she pulled down her panties, squatted and started to pee in front of him which truly shocked and stunned him. The lift reached her floor and he shakily helped her to her apartment, took her door keys, opened the door for her and once she was inside with her door closed, he quickly made his way back to his taxi, still in shock, half amused and a bit messed up himself but otherwise happy with extra earnings he made for his unlikely efforts.

We all shared in our discussions after listening to this incident and wholeheartedly agreed that when women drink until they are 'dead' drunk, their dignity will be totally lost, especially so when in their drunken state they will unknowingly do the most unladylike, shameful and disgusting acts sometimes but mostly in front of friends and strangers alike, making them an unforgettable shameless 'spectacle' forever.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Regular Get Together and Fellowship.

Once or twice a week, me and my regular taxi buddies, usually five of us would meet at a coffee shop or at a food centre to eat, have drinks and engage in chit chats, serious talks, sharing each others work day experiences as well as discussing all kinds of daily issues practically all subjects such as family, income, encounters with passengers, health, travels, food, discoveries of new cctv locations, speed traps, vehicle breakdowns and accidents, government policies and getting penalised with summonses, talk about politics here and abroad, share jokes, you name it we talk about it, most of all, we thoroughly enjoy sharing laughter together. We look forward to our regular get together weekly and often call to remind each other to make sure we meet at our usual agreed day, time and place. Our get together sessions would usually last for at least an hour each time. These meetings have been going on for us for at least more than fifteen years as cabbies. We have been friends for more than forty years maybe more. Of course between us we do have arguments, disagreements in anything, our likes and dislikes, on sensitive subjects and often cajoling one another in every way. Time has passed us by so very quickly and we are nearly all senior citizens now.

Most cabbies have their own group of friends and meet up regularly for fellowship, have coffee or tea, eat together and share everyday news, all sorts of information and daily happenings at home and abroad. Most important we help and assist one another whenever we meet with difficulties whilst at work and also in our everyday lives.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shock After Shock.

                                            (Source: The New Paper, dd 2nd April, 2013)

This is just horrific, after posting a blog about taxi drivers making Headlines and Stories on front pages of our daily Newspapers on Monday 1st April, 2013 at 1.20am, I received this shocking front page picture in The New Paper only about 5 hours later in the morning when it arrived. When is this madness going to stop? The Authorities must surely be aware that taxi drivers are easy targets for unreasonable and violent passengers and even general public abuse often getting cabbies badly bashed up and these incidents are on the rise. Heavier penalties and harsher punishments should be meted out by The Authorities against this sort of hooliganism and blatant violence with immediate effect. Taxi drivers are not allowed to retaliate nor engage in fights with whoever whilst in the course of their duties lest their vocational licence be revoked and livelihood abruptly ended.

On September 12th, 2012, a 58 year old cabby was beaten up on the head and kicked in the face by a passenger who accused him of taking a longer route from Grand Hyatt Hotel to Newton Road and then a few days later, on September 16th, 2012, a 65 year old cabby was attacked by young men who became annoyed and violent after being prevented from jaywalking because he drove too slowly on Coleman Street, the 2 young men were subsequently arrested. In another separate incident on this same day, a 45 year old cabby was attacked by a gang of motorcyclists along Upper Bukit Timah Road and he suffered a broken nose, a cracked jaw and multiple cheek fractures.

If this sorry state of affairs carry on unchecked, I dread to think what taxi drivers may resort to in order to protect themselves against sudden and untimely attacks, hopefully not to become fearful violent attackers themselves. I have heard quite often from other cabbies who received bad verbal abuse thrown at them and how they have kept their cool and restraint from hitting back not because they are weak or scared but fear for loss of livelihood. Lets hope The Authorities start serious Legal acts to protect our taxi drivers and safeguard them from further violent attacks.

Rare and Beautiful Flowers.

Wow, see how beautiful the bamboo flowers look when in full bloom. Taken at 2.30am on 2nd April, 2013. Its such a thrill to see this very rare bamboo plant flower bloom, look so grand with its intricate design.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Making Headlines.

News headlines, front page pictures and stories about taxi drivers have been the talk of the town lately. Not long ago, there was this drunk foreign expat who started bashing up a taxi driver claiming that he took a longer route. Then there was this hit and run taxi who caused the death of a foreign worker working on the roadside, investigations are ongoing and it is just a matter of time before the errand taxi driver gets arrested. After this, we read about the taxi driver who managed to catch a fare cheat trying to getaway without paying his metered fare of $18.00 dollars and most recently, about two days ago, this young lady who could not pay her $5.00 taxi fare but instead offered sex and tried to seduce the taxi driver who just asked her "Then how?" she exposed herself and started making sexual advances as well as groping him.

Well well well, so many front page headline stories about taxi drivers in such a short period of time, but mind you, these are only the exposed stories that we read from the daily newspapers. There are many, many more ugly and dangerous incidents about taxi drivers and their passengers which go unreported most likely due to lack of evidence and time constraints. Taxi drivers need to earn a living, and time spent making police reports and being interviewed is loss of time and income for us and that is why many of us choose to shrug away our unfortunate incidents and mishaps by continuing to provide our services, at the same time still brood and cursing our bad luck till we end our shifts.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Lovely Surprise.

Surprise, surprise, two days after the Mata Puteh family left, leaving their nest neat, spic and span, what did I see, two lovely bamboo flowers. Its as if the bamboo plant is showing its appreciation also by producing the two beautiful flowers. For me, its truly rewarding being involved in this fantastic and moving episode. Unbelievabe finale with the bamboo plant flowering.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Departure Soon My Mata Puteh Friends.

On 15th March till today, 22nd March, exactly one week later, see how fast the Mata Puteh chicks have grown. Feathers sprouting its beautiful yellowish and greenish colours, heads have grown bigger with the third chick always partially hidden. It will be just a matter of days when they are full grown and then they will be off to greener pastures. I have watched many times the sequence from construction of the nest, laying of the eggs, getting hatched, naked and then adorning their beautiful coat of feathers before they fly away. I do not know when another new nest will be built but I will look after and keep this second nest together with the first one intact. These Mata Puteh Families, especially the mother bird have always been a joy and great pleasure for me to be associated with. I look forward for their future generations to come.

Friday, March 15, 2013

From Eggs To Chicks.

Three Mata Puteh chicks just hatched. Picture taken at 5.30pm 15th March but I'm afraid to use flash and so poor lighting and not too clear. Maybe another day or even at night I'll try to capture a better shot. The three chicks will now grow quite fast and as soon as their feathers start growing, I know they will leave home just as quickly. Its a great thrill to see from eggs to live chicks overnight. Many readers wanted to know if the eggs have hatched and here it is, they have. Today is their birthday. They look naked and ugly now but when  they put on their yellow and green coloured coats (feathers), they look beautiful. I feel happy and proud to be associated with these Mata Puteh families. The wonders of nature.

Exciting Film Shoots

The past few days was exciting and eventful for me. It was great, experiencing real life acting and getting filmed as a taxi uncle for two days for a project not to be disclosed for the time being. I had a wonderful time working together with eight very hard working and very professional crew members in two full working days which I must say was very tiring. There was also a time when I could have been filmed in the series "Taxi in Asia" but I was unfortunately hit with a pancreas sickness and was unable to take up the part, that was a few years ago.

This afternoon, I am invited to take part in another project to film shoot as a taxi uncle in the Ministry of Education's Road Safety program which I had to turn down after having finished film shoots during the past two days and I am quite exhausted, have to rest a bit.

I have two more taxi interviews to go and there don't seem to be enough time to cope although I thoroughly enjoy these meetings and participation, getting to know more people and understanding their work scopes which are most interesting. Writing blogs need time to recall incidents which can be quite trying when I cannot remember details, having been quite forgetful in recent times and have to fore go writing interesting episodes. I have been slow and tardy recently with many encounters from media people, meeting and discussing my life as a taxi uncle. There are so many interesting real life stories which I want to write but sometimes, somehow, I get clogged up and find it difficult to start up.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another New Mata Puteh Family.

It was a very busy workday for me and when I finally returned home this morning at 3.00am, I was truly surprised to discover a new bird's nest near to the previous one which I did not remove from my Bamboo Hotel Tree. The tree shook a bit which led me to discover a brand new bird's nest perched nearby the older nest.  (Please refer to my two blogs about the Mata Puteh Family on Monday 30th July and Thursday 2nd August 2012), this nest looks similar except slightly smaller in size and so I immediately whip out my IPhone and began taking a series of quick shots when I saw a yellow coloured tail appear from the nest. You guessed it, I managed to capture the mother bird and after it flew off there were three tiny white eggs in the nest. This is the 6th Mata Puteh Family, the newest to inhabit the 'Hotel' for this new year. It was so refreshing, it made my day. Above are the photos taken of this latest wonderful encounter.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Living Doll.

For me, it was worth taking a night off once again to attend another memorable evening, this time to watch the Cliff Richard show. With such agility and familiar voice, this ageless 'super' iconic Pop Idol gave a fabulous performance for two solid hours, singing and dancing, making jokes and when he bowed to say thank you and goodnight after singing his last song, the enthusiastic full house, 'Sold Out' crowd cried for more, more and you know what, the crowd went wild when he returned not once or twice but three times singing three more golden hit songs to our thunderous applause. It was simply a fantastic display from this famous 'Rock n Roll' celebrity. I truly enjoyed his concert which brought back great memories of the past more than half a century of his unforgettable top hits and still more to come in the near future says Cliff.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Inevitable Changes.

Driving a taxi is getting very tiring nowadays, especially the older taxi models such as the Toyota Crown which I am using. With manual gears, my legs ache with so much action each time there is traffic congestion, or slow moving vehicles which is a common daily occurrence and worst if accidents happen or when vehicles breakdown this ultimately causes massive jams. I need to change to an automatic vehicle in the near future to protect myself from possible bodily injuries in the long run. With all the talk and debates on the sensitive subject of 6.9 million population soon, things will inevitably happen and I dread to imagine future frightening traffic 'snarls' with an additional few hundred thousand more vehicles on the road, it is indeed scary.

With the increase in vehicle population, it is no longer enjoyable just driving around, be it for leisure or for work. Each day when I get behind my wheels, I know I will be 'swarmed' in a world of crowded vehicles of all sorts and also, most of my passengers, about 70 per cent of them will likely be foreigners. More and more long queues of passengers at taxi stands, more visitors here, there and everywhere augers well for cabbies' earnings but these also come with a 'price'. Complaints against taxi drivers are on the rise even for very minor issues. Taxi Drivers getting abused and badly beaten up are making headlines. Being a service provider in this vocation is always a risk. I mean, being together with strangers, anything can happen. Right now I am getting ready to join the crowd.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day.

"Oh what a night....." by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and how true it was as I drove with the heavy rainfall earlier in the evening and through the night. My first few passengers were carrying very wet umbrellas and brought rain water into my cab when I picked them up by the roadside kerbs. In just a short while the inside of my cab was simply wet and also on the backseats as some inconsiderate passengers placed their wet umbrellas on the seat. There is no fun driving during heavy rainy days. Roads get clogged up and the highways with vehicles bumper to bumper were just 'crawling'. Looks like this evening we are going to face another repetition of continuous rainfall. Anyway, I will be attending a Kangen Water Distributors dinner and get together this evening from 6.30pm onwards which allows me some time off and away from the roads till after 9.00pm.

With the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations just around the corner, hordes and hordes of people are busily moving here, there and everywhere, doing frantic last minute shopping sprees. The crowds at taxi stands, by the roadsides and everywhere are frustrated and fuming as they try to 'catch' a cab with many of them soaking wet. It is through times like these that's when taxi drivers earn their bonuses, and after that start 'sweating' with all the cleaning up they have to do with their taxis after their shifts..  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Start of Events and Festivals.

The first month of year 2013 and we faced a horrible tragedy on our roads. The horrific accident that took away the lives of two young boys, aged 7 and 13 years. There are many accidents that involve taxis nearly everyday and I am asked frequently why this is so. Well, taxis are on the roads everywhere, 24 hours a day and therefore their risks in getting involved in accidents are very much greater. Nowadays, we see more and traffic police on the roads and this is good. With many eyes on the lookout for reckless, speeding and errand drivers, it would be safer for road users especially the young and elderly pedestrians. Heavier penalties and punishments would definitely be a deterrent to irresponsible drivers of all categories of motor vehicles.

It is fast how January has passed us by, including the first Indian cultural festival which is Thaipusam, held last week with awesome displays of fire walking, carrying of heavily decorated kavadis, pots on heads and the spiking of stainless steel bars into bodies was really a spectacle to behold in broad daylight and during night time too as hordes of devotees walked along the crowded city roads from temple to temple, chanting and singing, watched by throngs of spectators, tourists and locals.

The next most colourful and long celebrations will happen next weekend and its none other than the widely celebrated Chinese Lunar New Year festivities. Taxi Users will find great difficulties in securing taxi services during this period as most Chinese taxi drivers stop work and go all out entertaining relatives and friends including themselves, spending  time with their own families by providing transportation , doing errands and most of all, for visiting purposes. Taxi drivers have already been doing great business last week and this coming week. It is like 'bonus' time for Taxi Drivers when their taxis are truly in great demand throughout the day and night till the eve of New Year's day when all will be enjoying their 'not to be missed' Re-Union Dinner with Family and Loved ones.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Year Of The Snake.

Another two weeks more and its Chinese New Year once more. Already you can see Chinese New Year decorations in Chinatown with the 'light up' now on together with this year's 'Snake' theme and as expected the supreme colour 'RED' appearing everywhere. The only difference is the disappearance of the sound of firing crackers, the red coloured carpeted remains of crackers strewn along roads and streets which have vanished altogether. Present day Chinese New Year celebrations have lost its magical, 'sounds and cracker smells' and for me it just feels like another one of those religious and commercial holiday 'splats'. Many traditional values of family unity like the 'MUST' to be home, gathering together, with family members which we ultimately call 'RE-UNION DINNER' has lost its vibrancy and compulsory attendance for most families with most of us giving absurd excuses to avoid attendance by doing the disappearing act, very common and favourite excuse is, just say and tell this famous phrase - 'away for holidays overseas'. Preparations for this auspicious day is actually a compulsory ritual for all to do 'inescapable' cleaners' job, tiresome, troublesome and frowned upon by all before the big day approaches. Nevertheless, with all these downsides and unforeseeable future, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you one and all.............                                    

                                                  "A Happy and Prosperous New Year"

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rainy Days.

"Fiery" and "Burning Heat" yesterday afternoon and then just before 6.00pm dark clouds started looming in the heavens and all of a sudden, heavy rainfall and thunderstorm breaks out with flash floods forming fast and furious as predicted. I personally drove through flood waters with my passengers along Cambridge Road and Truro Road. It has been a very, very long time since the last time I remembered driving through flood waters but, honestly, I secretly enjoyed the thrill and adventure.

The change from feeling extreme heat to nice and cool weather was just awesome. The sudden change in the weather was unbelievably quick, its like gently turning to the next page when reading the newspaper. Anyhow, as usual when the rain comes, heavy traffic jams started appearing here, there and everywhere. Driving in these miserable conditions can be rather hectic with rain water often getting into the cab when passengers board and alight most times with wet umbrellas. After and hour or so, I decided to hang out at a nice cosy coffee shop and enjoy a hot cup of 'kopi' whilst waiting for the rain to subside a bit before I start working again.

During recent days, it was raining almost everyday and worst of all it had to happen most of the time during the evening 'peak' hours between 5.00pm to 8.00pm when passenger traffic is normally huge. Today's weather will likely be the same but for me, I will not be working this evening because I will be enjoying myself at a MBS theatre watching the "Jersey Boys" concert.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Changing Times.

So fast, the days and the first week of 2013 have already gone past. This year is already showing signs how swiftly and quickly we are again moving day by day. Anticipation of the next festival is now gathering momentum as we start to buy the coming Chinese New Year goodies. Everywhere, in petrol stations, shopping malls and eateries, signs welcoming the next big occasion are steadily getting into place. The pace and speed of everyday life's activities have not relented and I daresay this year 2013 will come and go just as fast as last year maybe even faster. It's frightening isn't it?

Times have changed tremendously in this new generation where expectations are set higher with greater needs for continuous high technological mobile gizmos, futuristic living standards and unprecedented lifestyles and changing scenes in human behavioural patterns such as society's acceptance of marriages between same genders, violence against the weaker sex such as gang rapes, more horrific abuse of untold torture and brazen killings of innocent children. I wonder where all these will lead us to. The world was warned so many times that it will end by certain dates with predictions and more impending ones, scary, but until this very day, it has survived each and every threat and so life goes on.

To begin my first blog for this new year in such a sombre, alarming and disheartening fashion is quite unlike me but then, feelings and thoughts of happy and wonderful days ahead have not ceased either. Lets make this another fruitful and exciting year ahead and continue to look forward to whatever will be, will be. Don't worry, be happy and stay healthy always. Cheers!