Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wet Wet Christmas.

Wow! Christmas is just around the corner, and each day when it rains, you tend to imagine that the rainfall is like snow falling in our tropical island don't you think so?. The weather is so nice and cool and the wind blowing with falling leaves everywhere creates a picture of nature's unmatched beauty, yes? Ahh, but for the downside, on the other hand, which causes wet misery, late appointments, dinners, long taxi queues, missed flights, cancelled sporting events and spoiling romantic dates and so, so much more, not mentioning continuous massive traffic jams and accidents. With all these happenings, yet it will never dampen nor alter the frantic Christmas shopping rush year in and year out, which brings me once again this time of the year to wish one and all just like wishing all my passengers everyday............
                                               "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and GOD BLESS !



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