Monday, December 31, 2012

Fastest and Nearest Way to the 'Loo'.

Last night, after having dinner at Old Holland Road eating house off Bukit Timah Road, I also bought three durians to bring home and, still feeling good and fresh, I decided to start working for my taxi rental for the day.

My first passenger was a pretty young lady who flagged me near my home at around 10.30pm. She said, "Uncle, I need to go to Chua Chu Kang St.51 in a hurry. Could you go fast?, Could you please go by the nearest and fastest way, thank you". "Okay" I replied, "This should be the nearest and fastest way there" as I made a U-turn. "You must be in a great hurry to meet up with your boy friend?" I asked. "No, no, no, I need to go to the 'loo' badly" she quickly replied unabashedly. OMG, I immediately started laughing. In all my years driving a taxi, this is the first time any passenger ever asked me to quickly send them by the nearest and fastest way to the 'loo'. They would usually say they will be late for work, late for an appointment or interview, or late to fetch their children from classes but not hurrying to go to the 'loo'. It was so amusing it kept us both laughing and we began chatting along the way. I asked, "Why didn't you go to the 'loo' before you catch a cab?". She said she was waiting for a cab for quite a while and did not feel the urgency earlier. We continued chatting and laughing and I offered to drive her to the nearest petrol station toilet but she refused as she told me she is quite particular about public toilets and insisted she has good resistance and could still hold on. It was simply 'funny' as we both continued laughing and chatting mostly about toilets. Suddenly she said, "See, my friends are already laughing at me". Apparently she had been sending and receiving messages at the same time through her mobile whilst we chatted. We finally reached her apartment, she paid the metered fare for $9.20, said thank you, bade farewell and quickly sprinted away in the direction of her home.

What an interesting and hilarious meeting it was. A happy and memorable end to year 2012 for me.

This is the last day of year 2012 and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all, my friends ........

                             "A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2013"




  1. Hi Uncle Frank,

    I took your cab when it just past midnight on New Years day and would like to say that you are the happiest and most optimistic person I have met. Stay happy and healthy always.

    Best wishes :)

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your kind compliments. This New Year we shall all strife to be happy always and continue to stay healthy, wealthy and wise.
      My Best Wishes to you and everyone, CHEERS !

  2. hahahax finally got the chance to read ur blog:) happy new year Uncle Frank! best wishes, the gal whu needs to rush to the "loo".. hahahahx

    1. Hi there! Told you I was going to write this blog. It was fun and I really enjoyed our chit chat with so much laughter. You made my day!

      My very Best Wishes and a Happy New Year to you and your Family ! CHEERS !!!