Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Kind of Weird Quietness.

Christmas Eve, Christmas day 2012 have passed and I must say, this year was unlike past years' celebrations. Why? Well, somehow this Christmas is not vibrant nor exciting but rather drab, quiet and for me the feelings and expectations were not there. It was surprising that I did not receive Christmas wishes on Christmas eve before midnight unlike past years when my hand phone would just keep ringing in calls and messages of beautiful designs from everywhere, bringing good cheers and thoughts, and making taxi driving, fetching passengers such wonderful and enjoyable time, although I must also admit I was not initiating or doing my part to say the least. I only managed to receive one Christmas 'wish' message at 11.38pm from my Iphone and after that, none throughout the night until much later, on Christmas day and even so, late in the afternoon when a few messages of Christmas cheers started ringing in. Overall, it felt like any other ordinary holiday atmosphere, nothing unusual and just imagine, hardly any "Merry Christmas" wishes from my passengers or merry making, laughter, singing inside my cab. It was quite weird for me as I start to recall those past nostalgic years' of Christmas celebrations. They were good and happy past memories.


  1. merry belated christmas from an orphan

    1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too. Best Wishes and God Bless!