Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unfortunate, Unforeseen and a Unexpected Adventure.

About 10 days ago, I picked up a lady visitor from Mongolia, in her forties, from United Square taxi stand. She asked to go to Marina Bay Sands casino. Along the way, I asked her if this was her first visit to Singapore and she said "Yes" and also her first time going to the casino but not to gamble, only going there to be with her husband who is already gambling in the casino. Thereafter, we began a very pleasant chit-chat generally about both our countries and families. She told me she had altogether nine children which gave me an instant surprise but she straightaway elaborated and told me her family structure. She had 2 sons both in their twenties from her first marriage and then 3 younger children, 2 boys and a girl, aged 2, 4 and 6 from her present husband and the balance 4 other children were from her present husband's previous marriage, altogether making her a mother of nine children. Wow, what a group collection I mused. Anyway, she asked for my contact number and gave me hers as well as we arrived at MBS casino. I wished her the best of luck as we bade farewell.

Last Thursday, I received a surprise phone call from her in the morning asking me if I could help ferry her and her 3 children from her present hotel in Beach Road to Hotel Royal in Newton Road to collect some books and then send them back again to her Beach Road hotel. I told her I could only do so and did not mind at all except that it had to be after 5.00pm and she said it was okay by her and would be most happy to wait for my arrival. I thought to myself, they may really need assistance and so I said I will be there at exactly 5.30pm.

Arriving at Beach Road I waited outside her hotel for a few minutes and then she appeared together with her 3 lovely children in tow. We greeted and wished each other well and she apologised for troubling me. I insisted it was my great pleasure in providing her my services. They boarded my cab and we were on our way to Hotel Royal.

We reached the hotel and she said it will only take her a short while to collect her stuff. I told her to take her time and will be waiting at the hotel entrance till she returned. She thanked me and quickly went about to get her things. I waited quite awhile and finally with her books in her hands together with her children tailing behind her, they quickly re-boarded my cab. I drove them back to their Beach Road hotel and she asked if I could give her the receipt for the metered fare which came to $39.00 exactly which I gladly obliged. She told me they are presently short of cash at the moment but promised to call me to pay the taxi fare as soon as she receives her money transfer from Mongolia. She was very apologetic and pleaded for my assistance, thanking me in advance.

As I had earlier consented to help her in the first place and also for the fact that they were first time visitors from Mongolia and really needed help, I accepted her request. I then asked if they liked some Kangen water to drink and her children said they were thirsty. I offered her a 5 litre container of Kangen water to bring back to their hotel to drink and they all thanked me for it. I drove off feeling somewhat confused but at the same time also felt good to be of some help and providing a bit of assistance to overseas visitors in their unfortunate, maybe temporary plight.

On Sunday, 4th November, I received a mobile message at 9.42pm which read .........
"Good evening, I am (her name), so sorry, you are very help me, but today very need your help my friend, can you borrow me 200dol, i back you next week, tomorrow we no have hotel"
Oh my goodness, I was suddenly taken aback but decided all the same to leave the message alone and not give her any reply.

Come Monday, 5th November, she called my mobile at 6.43pm, I answered and told her regretfully that I was unable to help her with money but will still help her if she needs transport. She quickly said "Sorry, sorry" a few times and hung up. I believe this is where it ends, "Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be....."

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