Thursday, November 1, 2012

Maybe Can Maybe Cannot.

I do not understand what the two taxi drivers are trying to do, making claims of earning huge incomes between $6,000 and $7,000 a month. They may have done it once or maybe even twice, yes, maybe it is not impossible, but are they consistent in performing these feats every month earning these amounts?, I doubt it. In my opinion, honestly, earning incomes of between $2,500 or $3,500 a month is more realistic. I have personally tried and achieved these amounts, but, it is easier said than done. First of all, there must be that certain kind of discipline such as fixing the number of working hours driving daily which is easily at least 14 hours inclusive of meals and coffee breaks in between plying the roads with time spent to be very regulated. Taking a day 'off' from work a week?, you can forget about it. Then again, you have to be physically fit and healthy throughout the year, no such thing as taking an MC which is unheard of. I mean, we have got to be like 'super human beings'.

All taxi drivers are considered self employed and the majority can hardly contribute to monthly CPF accounts. And, if you are a family man, the sole bread winner in the family, is there any guarantee that no one in the family will ever fall sick or need medical care? What about unforeseen expenses incurred when there are sometimes the weddings and wakes to attend. Other than school fees, there are frequent schoolchildren extra curricular activities that will cause sudden unexpected expenditures and of course, no escaping the inevitable 'Must' and Necessary annual family New Year's day expenses for each and everyone of us.

Taxi drivers are a hard working lot and for those who have been driving for 'tens' of years, day in and day out, make no mistakes, for at the end of the day, the majority will have suffered some form of sicknesses, perpetual bodily aches and pains or God knows what. It is a fact, we are only human.

Let me not sound so negative about this occupation. It is a very interesting vocation, with all the freedom you get being your own boss, meet and even make friends with all sorts of people from around the world, hardly or seldom a dull working day, always a challenge to meet your daily earning targets and best of all, the chance to enjoy all foods available in all parts of the island.

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