Sunday, November 25, 2012

Believe it or Not?

Wow! Finding $1.1m in the back seat of your cab? I simply cannot believe anyone can just forget and leave the taxi without their huge sum of money. For me, put it this way, if I were to carry a cash sum of even $5,000/-, I would keep checking and making sure the cash is with me all the time where ever I may be. I suppose money is of no big deal to some people who are filthy rich and what is $1m or $2m to them, peanuts I guess. For the taxi driver who found the $1.1m and immediately reported and handed in the cash to his company, the first thing that can hit him I think, must be 'shock' and then 'fear' and it must have taken him a bit of time just counting the cash and 'shivering' whilst doing it don't you think?, I mean, how often does one get a chance to hold on to such a huge sum of cash in their lives? Sometimes I wonder if all this news can really be true or maybe just a gimmick, or maybe to advertise, create, or make oneself popularr and to also cause sensationalism, what do you think?

A few days ago, a male passenger and I were discussing about this incident and he told me that his wife recently found a handbag containing $16,000/- lying near where she was having her dinner and in the bag was also the person's identification and address and she immediately returned it and you know what? the guy told me his wife was rewarded with a piece of cake maybe worth $8.00 and he was angry about the whole episode, especially about the reward. He told me that carelessness and forgetfulness is of no excuse at all, people have themselves to blame and he still believes in the saying, 'Finders Keepers'. Well, I think it all boils down to the financial status of the 'Finder' rather than 'Conscience" for it can be a blessing in disguise, a 'Windfall' for him as he could be desperately in need of financial help which he cannot get anywhere. Sometimes we don't give truthful answers nor act sincerely when faced with 'Temptations' of the world. It is always such a long, long story.

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