Saturday, October 6, 2012

Missing Taxis When You Need Them Most.

When it rains, taxi drivers tend to play safe and very often you find us waiting out the rain storms sitting in our cabs parked alongside roads or sitting in coffee shops having coffee till the rain subsides. There are many reasons why we do so. Firstly, it is always dangerous driving in fog like conditions where visibility is limited, roads are slippery and heavy traffic jams occur with most roads clogged up and without fail, there will  always be accidents everywhere usually bumper to bumper hits and many vehicle breakdowns which ultimately cause huge and massive traffic jams.

 Everyone suffers each time there is a heavy downpour, with long queues of frustrated and anxious passengers waiting at taxi stands all over the island, at the same time, frustrated taxi drivers also waits, cursing the heavy rainfalls which will inadvertently cause a hole in their pockets and if they were to try to venture, there is always the risk of having to fork out something like $1,000.00 up front to our taxi company when you get involved in an accident. 

Then, there is the extra work for us to perform at the end of the shift when we sweat as we need to clean up the insides of our cabs, wet not only on the seats but also dirty floor mats, sometimes with mud and sand especially when you pick up passengers standing along muddy roadsides together with their wet umbrellas.

All these happenings are most unfortunate and nobody wants it to happen. It is a very tiring working day for us whenever it rains. Our feet get easily tired and our eyes strained with non stop serious concentration whilst driving. We understand and feel for our passengers too, waiting long hours after finishing their tired workdays, and therefore, all of us should try to understand and spare a thought for one another in these unfortunate times.


  1. If everyone would drive slowly and too the road conditions and not be too kiasu, then it would be better for everyone.

    1. We must try not to speed and not be too kiasu. Be considerate, drive carefully, show more courtesy and patience towards fellow drivers and to other road users at all times.

  2. I guess I should consider not driving when it rains too, since it is so dangerous. If experienced drivers who drive daily are so afraid of accidents not of their own making during raining periods, what more twice a day and weekend drivers like myself ?
    My car may not be worth much but I can ill afford any heavy repair bills or fines too. I need the car for my job, so I am definitely not risking driving during raining periods. How's that different from being a kiasu taxi driver ?