Monday, October 15, 2012

A Bit Of Hiccup.

It was not a happy Sunday yesterday when my relief driver called me at 7.00am in the morning to inform me that the taxi just could not start. Had to call the company's tow truck to tow it to the motor workshop which is also not open for business on Sundays. All plans for the day were cancelled and I spent an enforced holiday after attending church services in the morning, going to and fro by using the bus services, which was quite interesting, having to switch buses twice and did a fair bit of walking.

The motor workshop just called to inform me that the taxi is repaired and is ready for collection at 1.00pm. I have informed my relief to collect it and maybe drive a little before he hands it over to me. These sort of unforeseen happenings do occur once in a while which is only natural for taxi operators who would also lose out on daily earnings.  Anyway, after a day's disruption and having so much rest, I must say, I'm all set and ready to start once again.

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