Sunday, September 2, 2012

G.I., Flat-Top, Mohawk and Square Cut.

Went for my hair cut yesterday at Sri Dewa, my regular barber shop for more than 50 years. Sri Dewa (a iconic household name today) with its first shop originally situated directly opposite the Novena Church during the late fifties has since relocated also along Thomson Road, this time opposite the Thomson Medical Centre is a very popular and well known barber shop brand with many other branches bearing the famous 'Sri Dewa' name everywhere in Singapore. It was very popular then, always with long queues, famous and the top barber shop in town. Back then my hair stylist was the proprietor himself.

My barber, Mr. Anuar, speaks good English, very chatty, is a friendly and likable guy. I have had many different regular barbers over the years and he is my present barber after Mr. Hamid who has already passed on a few years ago. I have my hair cut every six weeks. In this shop hangs a rectangle shaped framed with a few photographs of men with different hair styles cut more than fifty years ago and I was one of them during my early teens. Orignally hung on the wall of its very first shop and had been on the walls of Thomson Road Sri Dewa ever since until recently when I asked Mr. Anuar for permission to own it. It was very kind of him to give this photo frame which has all along had my photo in it showing me with a 'GI' crop during my secondary school years, I was advertising live, like a model spotting many new and latest popular hair styles cut at Sri Dewa such as the 'square cut', the 'flat top' and even the'mohawk' and many others. It gives me great pleasure to display this half century old photo frame here.

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