Friday, September 28, 2012

Change and Evolve.......

Hi Folks, I'm back again after such a long absence since I returned from KL after attending the opening of Enagic office. I have been extremely busy running around giving out free Kangen water to friends, relatives, acquaintances everyday and everywhere to people who need them especially those with any kind of health issues. I have become so excited doing this Kangen water business, getting and hearing wonderful results, watching people get well, attending seminars, training sessions as well as conducting my own demonstrations and reading and watching tons of videos about Kangen Water, even forgetting about taxi driving and ferrying passengers. I have become so engrossed in this activity, so very happy meeting and getting to know and making so many new friends everyday. Indeed, I love every minute of this exciting and wonderful new adventure which is making me more compassionate as days go by.

I am now working on a kind of schedule to spread and adjust my activities accordingly but will definitely continue writing my blogs so stay with me and watch more of my new involvements and daily adventures in the near future.

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