Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Power Of Kangen Water !

I'm so sorry Folks for having laid off putting up any post since Monday last week. I will share with you what went on during this absence.You see, I happened to meet an old friend of mine, Irene, last Wednesday evening in this coffee shop at Block 125 along Lorong 2, Toa Payoh and we started chatting. She had a 3 litre bottle of water which she kept pouring for me to drink when I happened to mention something like not being able to hold up a cup of coffee with my right hand as it causes an excruciating pain on my right upper arm. She said to drink this water, is it not smooth and nice and I said I hate drinking water as it always taste like medicine to me. I drink only coffee and tea my whole life. As we continued talking, she kept refilling my glass with water she had with her and before I realised it, I had drunk nearly 2 litres of water and was still feeling quite comfortable. During this time, Irene told me about this miraculous water she called 'Kangen Water'. Being a bit of an unbeliever, yet I still casually listened. We parted about an hour later.

I was home as usual around 2.30am Thursday morning and was trying to recall if there was anything interesting to blog and put up a post and was lifting my cup of coffee so often as I sat in front of my computer, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I felt no pain whatsoever from my right arm every time I held my coffee cup. It was simply amazing, I had to find out more about this Kangen water.

I sought Irene the next day and she was just superb, she was absolutely keen to bring me to discover what Kangen water can do. It has got mysterious and wonderful sort of healing powers. And you know, by Saturday morning, I purchased this medical equipment that can make good water from tap water and at the same time spent an hour listening to and watching the most interesting and awesome demonstration of the power of Kangen Water. "Change your water  Change your Life".

As I was not driving my taxi, Irene and I took and shared a SMRT cab to go home. Along the way, this SMRT taxi driver, Mr. Ng (60 years old) and I got into a casual chit chat. He told me his left shoulder is causing him a lot of pain for a very long time. On hearing this, I immediately offered and persuaded him to drink this wonderful water. I asked him for his water bottle, threw its water away and filled it up with Kangen water from Irene's 3 litre bottle and briefly explained to him that this water maybe able to help ease his shoulder pains, to drink it and also share with his family members. More pleasant chit chats after Irene drop off at Toa Payoh and I continued home.

Sunday afternoon, at about 4.00pm, I received a surprise phone call from this SMRT taxi driver Mr. Ng and he asked to buy water from me. I told him I don't sell this water but I will give him this water for free and he can come to my house to collect. He insisted on paying me for the water, but I told him its free and since he lived in Seng Kang, I said there is also no problem to collect this water from Irene at Toa Payoh much nearer. I gave him Irene's phone number and at 6.30pm he was collecting this Kangen water from Irene's house and that's when we learnt that he was relieved from his shoulder pains and not only that, his daughter was also free from her menstrual pains.

Monday, Tuesday and today, Irene and I gave out free water to my friends who had medical issues and also gave our mini demonstrations at coffee shops and today at Tekka market. It has been most satisfying and exciting, giving and sharing this water with friends these past few days. Honestly, since last Thursday, I have been using my taxi for this purpose, enjoying myself together with Irene and I have not fetched a single paying passenger since.

My Friends, it's my great pleasure to invite you to visit : Kangen Water

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