Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Mata Puteh Family (Pt.2).

Last night when I returned home, I spied on the chicks, they were huddled together and I noticed their greenish coloured feathers grown beautifully. I knew they were ready to leave home in a couple of days.

I woke up today around noon, together with my iPhone camera ready, and this is what I managed to capture. The chicks were waiting for Mummy to feed them. I hid myself and patiently waited for action although I was still half asleep.

I was rewarded for my surveillance. True enough the mother came home and fed her chicks for a short while and a little later she flew off.

I took these last photos of the contented and happy chicks and I know also that they would be flying off together anytime now, to an adventurous and exciting new world. It has been an interesting and learning experience for me and for sure there will be other new exclusive bird families seeking this Bamboo Hotel Tree of mine in the near future.

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