Saturday, August 25, 2012

Change Your Water Change Your Life.

Wow, how time flies, its been two weeks since I bought the Enagic medical device that produces the famed Kangen Water. I have stopped drinking coffee and tea now, something which I never expected would end so abruptly. Since that fateful day, on the 11th of August, I have been drinking Kangen Water by the litres everyday and I even surprised myself immensely and never thought the day would come when I start drinking water which have been a "taboo' drink to me all my life. I am now addicted to this magic and miraculous Kangen Water and I simply cannot imagine leaving home without it.
                                      CHANGE YOUR WATER CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Nowadays, my constant companions or should I say, my ready passengers are the dozen or so containers of 1,2,3,5 and 10 litres filled with Kangen Water which I ferry around daily everywhere happily distributing free of charge this wonderful drink with my friends or sharing them with anyone who needs it. People with medical issues, big and small, serious life threatening sicknesses, aches and pains, you name it, all of us can truly enjoy a change in our body and live happily and healthily, thanks to the Power of Kangen Water.

Together with Irene, this energetic, lovely and beautiful Beauty Trainer, Entertainer Singer/Artist, the both of us have been distributing Kangen Water and giving 'Live Demos' here and there, in roadside coffee shops, kopitiams, in friends' houses, condominiums and even in Tekka Market. Its really very exciting and enjoyable, and we love every bit of time spent introducing this magnificent life changing drink.

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