Monday, July 16, 2012

The Unforeseen and A Pleasant Interview.

Had a rude shock this morning when my Relief driver called to tell me that our taxi was rammed from behind by a delivery truck when he stopped at a traffic junction along Upper Cross Street this morning around 11.00am. My Relief suffered a slight cut on his right arm and the vehicle was badly damaged. After making necessary reports at the office, he managed to get a replacement vehicle till repairs are done. Another unpredictable incident but luckily no bad injuries sustained. This sort of accidents are unforeseen and quite common especially so for taxis when we are on the roads nearly 24 hours a day.

Last Tuesday evening from 6.00pm, I was being interviewed in my cab by two young and lovely Australian ladies for about an hour whilst I drove and they eventually alighted at Junction Eight in Bishan after having travelled from the Orchard Road area. When I picked them up from their residence, I initially thought they were sisters but to my surprise, they were a mother and daughter pair. You see, the daughter, I shall call her Miss E had earlier wrote to me to ask if she could interview me and help her with some information in respect of the taxi profession in Singapore and also about my lifestyle after having stumbled upon my Blogspot. I felt very honored and made the appointment to meet up and also have the interview in my cab as we travel along and at the end of it all, they insisted on paying me the metered fare which I finally accepted at $20.00. Miss E needed my assistance to help her in her project and I hope I was able to provide her with the necessary information she needed. Both mother and daughter were also my first passengers and they were honestly, very polite and very pleasant. It was really my pleasure travelling with the lovely ladies, and I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by Miss E.

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