Monday, June 25, 2012

Unforeseen Hiccup.

Three days ago, my PC which served me so faithfully for so many years broke down. I tried to rescue it by getting a very good friend of mine, a professional troubleshooter, to do everything possible to get it back to shape but to no avail. I had to sadly dispose of my PC and yesterday bought a new one, this time, with Microsoft Window 7 Home Premium, simplified. Stayed home last night to get to know my new PC after necessary installations and registration were completed. I am delighted with its performances and enjoying so many new features and now I can't wait to get back into action once again with my new partner.

I had to take leave and was only driving sporadically the past few days and had to suffer a bit of taxi rental loss and some income. Today, a Monday, I can foresee a slower, with a longer working shift to make some recovery back to normalcy but as usual, I will continue to provide good services to one and all, at the same time enjoy myself whilst doing so. Hope to see and meet you again sometime, till then, have a nice day.

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  1. Hi Uncle Frank, You need sometime to get use to the new PC. Hope to ride on your taxi when I visit SG next time! From someone who kept you entertained with good jokes for 35 minutes, VP.. very pretty :)

    1. Hi Verity, yes indeed, I was tremendously entertained by your hilarious jokes throughout the journey to the airport. You really made my day and I will be most happy and delighted to be at your service once again the next time you visit SG.

      My Warmest Regards...Very Pretty:)

      Uncle Frank