Monday, June 4, 2012

One Of Those Days.

Saturday night, after fetching my passengers, a Malay mother and her young son to Woodlands Ave 1, I decided to head towards one of my favourite eating place nearby to have my dinner. Time was 9.30pm and I had been driving non stop for more than three hours already, now feeling a bit tired and hungry. At Al Ameen restaurant, I ordered a plate of Nasi Bryani and drank Teh-O. Below are pictures of my food and surroundings.
After my meal, I suddenly felt a craving for Durians which I saw just now around the corner, behind the bus stop and so I walked there to check it out and eventually bought three Durians of the D24 type for only $10.00, (an offer I could not refuse) which I brought home for my treat to enjoy after work. Feast your eyes on the fruits displayed. As I write, the smell and taste of these exotic fruits lingered on.

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