Monday, June 11, 2012

Mobile Power.

These days, passengers are all accompanied by their faithful Smart phones and iPhones and as soon as they board or even whilst boarding my cab, their mobile is glued to their ears and chatting away continuously. Nestled comfortably in their seat and you notice them staring into their beloved gadget, reading emails, into Facebook or chatting and most of all, playing their favourite online games quietly throughout the entire journey to their destinations.
Times have changed when handphones were just communication tools where we use them as and when we need them to convey and receive calls only. Today, practically everyone owns a mobile, its like a part of our body and you will definitely feel very naked and lost when you are without one. Most passengers no longer watch where they are going, know immediately where they are, how the driver drives or even notice whatever is going on along the routes and surroundings after giving instructions to the taxi driver where they wish to go whilst boarding the taxi. Those were the days when you have passengers telling you which road to take, turn left or right or teach you how to drive, grumbles all the way or sometimes even scolds, but today, the whole scenario has changed because everyone minds their own business all because their beloved mobile companion is with them.


  1. Hi uncle frank I'm the hip hop dancer that got off your cab at amk just now. I wasn't glued to my iPhone but I definitely agree that most youths today have an addiction and they can't live without smartphones and the Internet in the new media age:)

    1. Hi Jayne, nice to hear from you. Of course you were not glued to your iPhone cause we were chatting all the time. It was my pleasure fetching you and your friend for such a long distance. My Best Wishes to you in your studies and keep hip hopping and maybe one day I am sure you will teach others your polished skills.

      Have a nice day,

      Warmest Regards,
      Uncle Frank