Thursday, June 7, 2012

Missing iPhone On Board Bus No.35.

Picked up a young couple at Parkway Parade taxi stand around 9.00pm last night and they asked me if there is a bus terminal at Changi Airport and I told them yes. They wanted to go to the airport. The guy told me he must have lost his iphone in the bus they took, No.35 now heading towards the Airport. I asked him to call his mobile, but he said he left it on silent mode. I asked if his iphone was with him when he was on board the bus and he said yes because he remembered he was checking on a message in his phone. As we proceeded towards the airport, I said they could try to locate where his mobile is with his girlfriend's iphone and they quickly did that and discovered his mobile somewhere at St. Parick's Road. I suggested we hurry there to try to catch up with the bus but he said we might as well go to the bus stop near Changi airport police station to wait for the bus with his iphone in it. At the security gate he went to inquire where the nearest bus stop is and was told nearby, we followed the road and it led us to the Budget Terminal and not a bus stop was in sight. We decided to go to Terminal three where they could find out more from airport authorities as to where the bus bay was. I drove towards the basement of T3 where they asked to alight near the front of the long taxi queue to continue their quest to recover the missing iphone. They told me that the bus was only carrying few passengers and they were seated at the rear seats so hopefully his iphone might still be lying there somewhere. The guy and his girlfriend were visibly stressed and very anxious along the whole journey. I wished them all the luck and hope they recover his lost iphone as we departed.

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