Monday, May 28, 2012

Road Humps Will Deter.

The recent accidents at the Bugis Junction area were very disturbing. I believe the majority of Singaporeans have seen both videos of the accidents on Television and the Internet. The first accident already claimed three lives and caused injuries to two others and many more just escaped being hurt within split seconds. In less than two weeks, another accident occurred in exactly the same fashion, at the same spot, very uncanny. Unless and until the Authorities take swift actions to prevent and stop these madness from recurring, I dread more lives will be at stake.
I would suggest construction of Road Humps at regular intervals along this stretch of road be put in place immediately instead of wasting more time considering heftier fines, jail term or what heavier punishments be meted out to crazy and drunken speed maniacs, new licensing of sports car drivers and more studies to situations.
In my opinion, three strokes of the 'Rotan' would be the next best alternative for offenders. I think Road Humps would straightaway deter drivers from speeding and make other road users feel safer. It is very unfortunate that the two accidents involved taxis and their innocent passengers. Taxi driving is a very responsible job of ferrying passengers everyday and already to earn a living is not that easy let alone having speed maniacs threatening and instilling fear into their lives and livelihood.


  1. uncle frank you are very cute:)

    1. My suggestions to prevent and to mete out punishments will, I think, bring safety once more to the Bugis environment.

      Thank you Anonymous and Cheers!

      Uncle Frank

  2. I think speed cameras and red light cameras should be placed all over Singapore!