Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Promise from a "Slip Of The Tongue".

Last night, I fetched four Secondary students from Paragon Taxi Stand, two boys and two girls. They wanted to go to Down Town East in Pasir Ris. Along the way, I joined them in their discussions about music and musical instruments and they were very surprised when they heard that I played the violin when I was in Secondary School so many years ago. I told them I no longer play the violin due to a compound fracture I suffered to my left arm whilst playing in a school rugby match when I was in Sec. 4, barely two weeks before my Grade 8 practical exams. Doctors had to operate on my 'crushed' arm and until today, the 4" inch stainless steel plate with four screws still remained in my left arm. Gone also my 'Lost' dream of being a Violinist. I even showed them marks of the 28 stitches still visible followed by their exclamations of "Ooohs and Waa's".

The students felt sorry for me, but at the same time, they were rather sceptical and thought maybe I was just telling them a 'Fib", so they asked and coaxed me to promise to write this post and also at the same time to publish the photo I said was an original taken in the concert held at the Cultural Centre in Fort Canning Road with the then Minister of Culture, the late Mr. S. Rajaratnam in attendance.

I promised not to disappoint them and they in turn also promised to go to my blogspot to check it out. There you are Guys n Gals, the truth and nothing but the truth........  

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