Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Friendly Newspaper Vendor.

I parked at the taxi stand at Boon Keng Road MRT along Bendemeer Road after a passenger alighted and decided to take a short break after having driven for more than three hours. It was a  busy Friday night for me. 

The time was about 10pm and I started talking to this elderly newspaper vendor sitting right in front of me. I asked him what time he normally close shop and he said "11pm" in Hokkien. I then spoke to him in Hokkien, asked if I could take his photo, he obliged and I started chatting with him, made small talk and asked him a few more questions. He told me he is more than 70 years old and he is only an employee working part time, three to four days a week earning some pocket money. I offered him a cigarette but he refused as he had his own Indian ones, very cheap, costing $3.50 for twenty five sticks in a bundle. He told me that this stall used to be located across the road and had been doing business for quite a long time already but he has only worked there for about two years. I asked him if there were many commuters using taxis at this stand here and he said not too many. Business for him was quite brisk but for me after half an hour had passed, no potential passengers. 

We were chatting away about everyday life and then it was 10.30pm and I decided to move on.  

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