Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Three Expats.

I had very pleasant conversations with three passengers last night whilst ferrying them to their destinations. The first one was a pretty Australian lass from Melbourne who has been living in Singapore for the past ten years. I asked her if she has ever heard about a Singapore Taxi Blogger and she said "Yes I did", she was taking a flight somewhere and bought Time Out Singapore magazine at the news stand, the May issue and came across the 'Orchard Tower' article which she found quite interesting and from then on we were laughing and chatting away. She told me she is looking forward to seeing her parents who will be coming to Singapore in two weeks time.

The second was a young handsome Japanese tourist who is born and raised in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I too asked him the same question and he straightaway told me about the 'Orchard Tower' article and found it most amusing and funny and he liked it very much. We started talking about the Tower, chatted, joked and laughed about it. Asked about his hometown and he told me that the biggest Japanese community outside of Japan lives in Sao Paolo.

The third passenger was a Japanese who arrived four months ago and will be working here for the next three years. His wife is accompanying him and they too knew about what's going on at 'Orchard Tower'. He told me that there are fifteen thousand Japanese presently living in Singapore.

Driving a Taxi is like attending classes everyday and I get to learn so many things from expats and tourists from all over the world. Its simply great and I just love my job.


  1. Hey Uncle Frank, thanks for the "young and handsome" (at 37yo, it's nice to hear that, although it'd be better hearing from a lady! haha, no offense!) in the post above! haha
    Im actually back to Sao Paulo after a great weekend in Singapore and few business meetings in Sing and also in China...
    Hope to read more about your adventures in the sunny-and-great Lion City!
    Talk soon!

    1. Hi Enio, its great to hear from you, sorry for this belated reply. You are young and handsome that's a fact and ladies who know who you are can swear to it!

      Hope to see you back in Singapore soon. Keep following my adventures!


      Uncle Frank