Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HDB Hotel.

I picked up a male Asian looking tourist at the taxi stand opposite St Andrew's Cathedral yesterday at 6.30pm. He was carrying a big suitcase and wanted to go to Woodlands St.13.  I said "Waah, very far away from town, you must be visiting a relative or your girl friend". He laughed and replied, "No, no girlfriends here or relatives, only going to stay here for three days". "Where do you come from and why not stay in a hotel in town, more convenient for shopping and food?" I asked. "I come from Myanmar but I work on board a Tanker which is now parked at sea near Marina Bay only for a few days and so I am renting a room in Woodlands St 13, very cheap at $30.00 a night, stayed there about four times already. I book online, the hotels in town are very expensive" he said, speaking in good English. "Really?" I exclaimed, and was surprised to learn from this 41 year old Myanmese seaman about such kind of arrangement, an HDB Hotel room?? can book online. I have heard whispers about this sort of 'HDB Hotels' for quite some time already but was not very sure whether its true or not because renting a room in HDB flats is not cheap nowadays. The rentals are between $600 to $800 per month.

Surprise, surprise, this morning as I reached for my 'The New Paper', and right on the front page, such a coincidence,  an Advert in airline magazine says: 'RENT A ROOM FOR $60 A NIGHT FOR 2' IN HDB HOTEL", Wow!, what do you know, its true. Anyway, as far as I know, its illegal to rent out your HDB flats and bedrooms to tourists or for short term stay, if caught, flat owners face compulsory acquisition of their flat from HDB.

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  1. Its Illegal if you have no permit from HDB.