Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Fair Guess.

Yesterday evening I fetched two Caucasian gentlemen from United Square taxi stand to Orchard Hotel. They were both having a conversation in a foreign language. I was listening and trying to see if I knew where they come from. When they stopped talking after we passed Newton Circus, I took the opportunity to ask, "Hello, are you both from Germany?" The rear left passenger said, "No, we are not. I am from Holland and my friend here is from Switzerland". I quickly added "Oh, I'm so sorry, wrong guess". When we reached the Hotel, whilst paying their fare, the one who spoke earlier said, "Uncle, you were right in a way, we were all the time speaking in German, you see, I don't understand Swiss and my friend don't know Dutch, but we share a common language, German". I replied "Thank you very much for telling me, enjoy your stay here and Cheers!". They were both gentlemen indeed, I said to myself as I drove on.

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