Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Of My Favourite Food Joints.

Picture this, a popular and tasty meal that taxi drivers look forward to quite often and very favourable because meals are bought and served very quickly. This famous food joint is at Jalan Besar and Kitchener Road junction, popularly known as "Ka Toh Chien", Hokkien for "Scissors Cut". There is a queue nearly everyday at this food place as shown through photographs taken by me last Saturday evening around 10.20pm when I went for my meal as shown above, consisting of white rice, a piece of fried fish, soy sauced sliced pork meat, fried green beans, fried egg and cabbage curry with chilly gravy which only cost me $5.80. The last photo I took an hour later shows how fast satisfied customers were attended to as the queue disappears but will form once again in a couple of hours time till the shop closes at 3.30am.

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