Friday, April 13, 2012

"Meow Meow".

It was less than five minutes when I stopped and parked my taxi at the HDB covered car park near Mayspring Condo to go to the 24 hour food court to pack or 'tah-pau' some snacks home when, OMG, surprise, surprise, a furry commuter lying on my taxi's bonnet was waiting for me to fetch her for a ride last night at about 2.00am, with a couple of 'Meows'.

I had to apologise for not being able to ferry her because I may be charged with 'kidnapping' as her owners were not around then. It took me a while to coax her off my cab, but she kept giving me that 'Meow meow' please lah look until I had no choice but to lure her away with a piece of my 'siew mai' snack and only then she finally decided to take leave.

This night made me smile and feel happy knowing that even my 'furry' friends like to use my cab.

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