Sunday, April 1, 2012

Exhaustive Appointments.

The past two weeks were rather exhausting for me having to attend to my medical appointments, four at National University Hospital and two at Chua Chu Kang Polyclinic, all of them from 9.00am onwards and by the time I return home after collecting my medication, its already around 2.00pm leaving me not much time for sleep. Altogether six appointments, which have been most costly, eye tests, blood tests, ECG, heart scan, cardiac and diabetes, about three visits each week. My test results have all been satisfactory except the loss of sleep and appetite have both deterred and prevented me from putting up posts during these times.

Yesterday morning, the last appointment I had at the polyclinic to check up and collect medication for my diabetes ended at 9.45am which was considered quick and early and by the time I reached home after having a bit of breakfast at the nearby food centre, I was already in a 'zombie' state and slept till 5.00pm.

Work lasted for about five hours, but at least I am glad to know that there is this interval for the next four to six months before the next spate of hospital appointments surface once again, so meanwhile, I guess I shall just take it easy, relax, be happy and move on.

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