Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pasar Malams.

Driving along Petir Road in Bukit Panjang recently, there was this Pasar Malam (night market) activity which immediately brought me back to the past, maybe about 40-50 years ago, memories of the times when it was like a huge affair, very exciting with nearly everyone in the neighbourhood participating in the frantic shopping spree or walkathon, noisy, overcrowded pavements with people spilling onto the main road, pushing and crammed up along the whole stretch of the road lined up with at least 30 to 40 stalls selling anything from hairpins to mattresses and even mini nurseries filled with so many potted flower plants, money plants, and of course food, tit-bits and snacks, etc. It was something like a mini trade fair and no one wants to miss it. Usually the whole family in every household can be seen at the Pasar Malams with groups and groups of families in tow. A spectacle I would say.

The scenario is somewhat different today, no longer jammed packed but still thriving with people taking a walk or buying some tit bits or snacks and enjoying their favourite pastime. 

Pictures above show activities many years ago in Smith Street and Trengganu Street, a Pasar Malam scene during Hari Raya festival and a 1967 photograph along Clementi Road together with a cute caricature of a hawker near the Singapore River. 

(Photo Credit: National Archives of Singapore with acknowledgement and thanks.) 

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