Saturday, March 17, 2012

Private Eyes.

Taxi drivers are always working closely with Police authorities. We have been assisting Police in reporting passengers who were last seen at locations suspected for loan shark harassment, their appearances, suspicious behaviors and also the things they were carrying, such as markers, super glue, paint cans, etc. We will also report short stops requested by passengers at many different locations for short period of time, for they may be suspects intending to do mischief. There are instances when we are also alerted by Police to keep an eye for suspected theft of motor vehicles or help locate wanted criminals and report their whereabouts. The information that we provide has in a way helped authorities to apprehend wanted criminals as well as prevent mischief being carried out.

I have been called upon to assist in locating a stolen vehicle once and also to help spot a thief wearing a coloured cap and wearing a black T-shirt also once in my career, but I have been unable to help. Sometimes it can be quite fun and interesting acting like detectives on the prowl whilst at work.


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