Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Outramians Class '61 Reunion

                                               Outramians Class '61 Lunch at SRC 13/3/12  

In between sad and solemn wakes, I had a wonderful and happy re-union lunch date last Saturday at SRC (Singapore Recreation Club) with some of my secondary four classmates from Outram Sec. Sch. year 1961. Presently we have about 22 classmate contacts, but 7 were absent from our lunch date due to unforeseen circumstances. Still, it was a very exciting and memorable gathering because 3 new mates were found and re-united after more than half a century have passed us by. It was simply great, all of us very happy to be able to meet, see one another once again after such a long, long time, the nostalgic atmosphere on this day was just fantastic and indescribable. Thoughts and memories were continuously shared among us and we could not help cajoling one another for our past activities and mischievousness, it was all smiles and laughter throughout for nearly four hours till we had to part but this time not for long as we have promised to meet once a month without fail, we the 'Golden Oldies!' also known as Outramians Class '61.

All of us will continue, as a team to further seek out absentees of Outram Sec. Sch. Class '61 although we know and sadly miss many who have already passed on. We are now in a different kind of 'level', changes in our looks and features quite significant, but our minds remain the same, only this time with more knowledge and wider experiences from our past everyday lives. We joked, had we known on our last day in school, we should have said to each other, "See you in 50 years time". It was and is a continuing Marathon Of Life.

Memories are made of these and yes, before I forget again, I better stop dreaming for now, must quick get ready and go ply my trade, till then, Adios, Cheers to All!.


  1. Hello uncle frank, this is my first comment on your blog after you passed me your blog's address while I was travelling in your cabbie on my way to true way church along stirling walk to attend my bible study.
    From your blog, I am surprised to know you are a outramian . This makes you my super senior as i am a outramian too. I graduated from outram secondary school in 1987 and I pursued my pre-university at outram pre-u thereafter.
    It is ready a small world. Other than knowing you are a christian, we graduated from the same school too.

    1. Hi tey, its such a pleasure receiving a response from an ex-schoolmate! So sorry for my belated reply and yes, I can still recall fetching you to the church at Stirling Walk for your Bible study as I remembered not knowing that there is a church there. If you can, please email me anytime. Thanks,

      God Bless,
      Uncle Frank