Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have been quite busy lately, attending mostly to personal matters which were very time consuming, leaving me hardly sufficient time to put up more posts. I have always been swift in completing my duties but have recently found myself 'crawling' a bit. I suppose age is catching up, but then, just look at the speed with which Time have 'shot' past us. Its already March, nearly three months into 2012 and imagine with less than eight months more to go, we will have to get ready to invite Year 2013. Scary is'nt it. I tell myself "Uncle, take easy, slow down and relax, maybe you are the one speeding!" True, true, I think I need to release pressure on the accelerator and enjoy more quality drives in future.

Family should be our first priority and indulgence in life. I have a son and daughter and they are both married. My son Terence, an Industrial Hygienist is a self employed businessman, specialises in Industrial Decontamination (virus/bacteria) outbreaks, Residential Disinfection (homes/offices), Oil and Gas Industries (Fungus: elimination/prevention). He has a very interesting Website worth visiting at ( ) And my daughter, Suelynn, she is an Interior Architect and also a Licenced Property Agent. She is a jazz ballet dancer as well and loves the Arts.

As for myself, aah yes, I have to quickly avail myself to anxious passengers who are waiting for my services at this moment and its getting late, I better hurry. Watch out for my next blog. Cheers!

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